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Imaginary Tactics Online

Company: Imaginary Numbers
Product: Tactica Online

Imaginary Numbers, an independent development studio based in Sydney, Australia, has announced the development of Tactica Online, a fast-moving turn-based strategy RPG set in the conspiracy and intrigue of Leonardo da Vinci?s world. The game is expected to be available worldwide in Fall 2005.

?There has been a void in the turn-based strategy RPG category,? said Luke Carruthers, CEO of Imaginary Numbers. ?Thousands of dedicated players love these kinds of games and Tactica Online brings that immersive, engaging style of play to the online sphere.?

Tactica Online focuses on tactical squad combat, with a deep storyline featuring secret societies and the struggle between magic and science in da Vinci?s world.

Fast-paced, engaging combat is central to Tactica Online?s gameplay, requiring players to think quickly and counter the opponent?s strategy in order to claim victory. Combat takes place in missions or through Tournaments and Campaigns that affect the central storyline. Players control a team of characters with skills and abilities of their own design. Building and refining the capabilities of your team is an important element of Tactica Online, similar to designing a deck in a collectible card game.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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