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TotalGaming Launches Nexagon: Deathmatch

Company: TotalGaming.net
Product: Nexagon: Deathmatch

TotalGaming.net has announced the release of Strategy First?s Nexagon: Deathmatch onto its gaming service. Set in the late 25th century, Nexagon: Deathmatch gives players control of their own futuristic gladiatorial team in a bloodsport arena. Through managing a host of prisoners hoping to earn their freedom, gamers take on opponents in a tactical simulation of brutal combat using plasma cannons, hand-to-hand fighting, and more. As your team defeats enemies, they earn experience, skills, and levels to become even more deadly. Players can add additional spice to the mix by building up their sanctums with traps, weapons, smoke stacks, and other defenses to keep enemies at bay.

Nexagon: Deathmatch features:

  • Real-time 3D tactics with a refreshing twist on action/strategy gaming.
  • The ability Strike out into a completely destructible environment where every structure, weapon, building or otherwise, can be entirely obliterated.
  • Design capabilities to manage your own persistent, editable base of operations. You can also build defensive structures, traps, weapons, and lavish gardens to please the crowd and protect your investment.
  • The ability to purchase units that gain experience and undergo physical changes over time, becoming more powerful from match to match.
  • Extra credit which supports your network sponsors through use of billboards and control of advertising locations.
  • Sufficient credit to buy some heavy hitters who will send smaller enemy units crashing into buildings or flying right out of The Pit entirely.

TotalGaming.net is a unique online service which sheds gamers from the hassles of annoying and intrusive DRM schemes for the titles they purchase. TotalGaming.net says they?ll soon be launching Phase 2 of the TotalGaming service, which will give gamers even greater control of their purchases, plus give indie-developers a new way to get their titles into the hands of consumers.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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