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MxO Takes RP To Next Level

Company: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Product: Matrix Online

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and SEGA have just revealed that upon the launch of The Matrix Online on March 22, 2005, a specialized role-playing live events team will propel the game's storyline with prominent Matrix character action.

As part of the unique continuing story based nature of The Matrix Online, a specialized Role Playing Live Events Team is in place to assume the roles of the actual Matrix characters and support the continuation of the storyline within The Matrix Online, a massively multi-player online game co-published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and SEGA. Within the context of the storyline, players will interact, battle and eventually team up with the main characters from The Matrix saga, as the experienced Live Events Team will actively role play their Wachowski Brothers approved, continuously written parts, including Morpheus, The Oracle, Seraph, The Merovingian and more.

The Live Events Team will also be responsible for producing and implementing large scale story events that are real-time gameplay activities, which progress the story in The Matrix Online. Sample activities that the Live Events Team will produce are:

  • Choreographed, Live interaction with characters from The Matrix saga, including Morpheus, The Oracle, The Merovingian and more
  • In-game story relevant contests
  • High-profile missions with Matrix characters, inclusive of key players from the game Supporting player organized events
  • Speeches, riots, parties, duels and more
Jack into The Matrix Online next Wednesday to play with the actual characters and see the future of the Matrix unfold.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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