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Wild Earth Beta-Test Now Open

Company: Super X Studios
Product: Wild Earth

Super X Studios has announced it is now accepting applications for the beta-test of the upcoming title Wild Earth. The beta-test is open to the general public, and both gamers and non-gamers are encouraged to apply. All active participants will receive a free copy of the game at the conclusion of the beta-test.

Wild Earth is a family title, sending players of all ages on a breathtaking safari through the plains of Africa. The mission: to explore the wild and to capture on film the essence and beauty of the natural world around them.

The state of the art 3D engine allows players to immerse themselves in the rich detail and beauty of the African ecosystem. Wildlife, including lions, zebras, wildebeest, cheetah, and many others, are animated in stunning realism and accuracy.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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