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Lore Invasion Hits

GarageGames today announced that the release of the mecha game DH: Lore Invasion for PC, Mac, Linux and Linspire has arrived.

Within the Dark Horizons universe, the backdrop for DH: Lore Invasion, the future is not what you think it is. The future is inhospitable to humans and their weak and frail human bodies. The battle for supremacy in the war-torn Earth of 2155 is fought between the most lethal war machines ever to engage in combat. History will remember this era as "The Turning Point". After 150 years of uneasy peace, the fragile stalemate was ripped apart and the Earth was once again plunged into a war that will decide the future of "No Man's Land", formerly known as "North America".

"We wanted to create a game that brought the essence of pure online player-vs-player gaming back," said Adrian Wright, creator of DH: Lore Invasion. "Based on our love for big battling robots, mecha-style games and intense action, along with the assistance of a vibrant player community, we built DH: Lore Invasion."

DH: Lore Invasion puts the player into the very mind of the most lethal war machines ever to engage combat in the war-torn Earth of 2155. Connected by a remote neural link, you control your Mechanized Assault Vehicle (MAV) in a squad of allied warriors while seeking to claim soil for the faction to which you have pledged your allegiance.

"We're so excited to be working with Max Gaming Technologies and watching them craft a great game with the Torque Game Engine," said Benjamin Bradley from GarageGames. "I think GameShark.com summed it up best when it said, "DH: Lore Invasion is pure fun. Fun the likes of which we normally equate with uber-shooting titles such as Half-Life, Doom and Unreal."

DH: Lore Invasion can be purchased from GarageGames.com for $29.95.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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