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Giant Ewoks Terrorize Galaxies

Reports of extremely aggressive and unusually large Ewoks attacking cantina patrons and innocent bystanders waiting at star ports are pouring in from throughout the Galaxies. Intelligence accounts from the attack sites report armed Ewoks from the Panshee tribe shaking down people in popular cantina spots for food. Reports of giant warrior Ewoks has caused authorities to issue the following warning statement:

The public is advised to act with great caution when confronted by Ewoks in cantinas and starports. Ewoks of the Panshee tribe are armed and extremely dangerous. In case of encounters with the Giant Warrior Ewok, the public is advised to run and seek the nearest safe haven. These unusually large Ewoks are extremely dangerous and appear to be on a mission to kill.

Be safe, Stay Inside. Shoot any Ewoks on sight!

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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