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Matrix Online: Legacy Storyline Begins

This week in The Matrix Online there will be the first major event run by the Live Events Team. The Matrix Online: Legacy storyline will commence on April 6th.

Peace is never certain, though death is.

Or is it?

Missing and presumed dead, the One nevertheless remains a symbol of peace for those who would believe. Led by Morpheus, these true believers are ridiculed for their fervent search for the Neo's remains.

While the Merovingian mocks Morpheus' search, his lieutenants seem strangely intent on shadowing his every move; and despite the common belief that the Machine's retain the One's body, automated trace programs devote unusual attention to every iteration of Neo's name. Rumors spread of inexplicable emanations within the Matrix: granting vast power to those who can find and control them.

Within the Matrix, where there is power, there is strife. Only one Organization will rise triumphant: Will it be the Machines with their surgical precision and dogmatic commitment to the preservation of balance? The Zionites with their devout duty to protect Zion at all costs? Or the Exiles with their calculated cunning and masterful manipulations?

Join Morpheus, Niobe, the Merovingian, Flood, Agent Skinner, Agent Gray and thousands of redpills from across the globe to determine humanity's fate.

Will you risk annihilation to unlock the truth?

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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