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Bet on Solider Flashes on to 'Net

Company: Digital Jesters
Product: Bet on Soldier

Can?t wait for the release of Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport in October? Then experience a taste of supercharged FPS action right now in the official Bet on Soldier flash game.

The minigame contains several of the key gameplay elements that will be featured in the PC version, such as location-specific targeting, multiple weapon choices and the all-important connection between war and money.

In Mini Bet on Soldier, the goal is to maximize your shot to kill ratio, as every bullet and grenade will cost you some greenbacks. Battle onslaughts of enemy soldiers - and even heavily armored mechs - in the fight to stay alive long enough to become the richest soldier in the world.

In Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport, the highly anticipated First-Person Shooter from Digital Jesters, your survival will depend on your skill in the deadly arena of futuristic combat as you face off against gun-wielding, armor-plated gladiators. To succeed, you will not only need to use ruthless battle tactics, but intelligently evaluate your opponents and wager on your potential success. Win the wager, and you?ll be able to afford increasingly lethal and cutting-edge weapons and armor. Lose and?well?better not lose.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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