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Fatal1ty at QuakeCon

Company: Auravision
Product: Quake III

Auravision says Johnathan ?Fatal1ty? Wendel will host a ?Retro? Quake III Fatal1ty Shootout at this year?s QuakeCon 2005, to be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, TX from August 11 through 14. Fatal1ty, recognized as the most dominant Quake III player ever, will come out of ?Quake III retirement? to play challengers at the giant Creative/Fatal1ty booth. In the year 2000, Fatal1ty captured 5 major gaming titles playing Quake III and was recognized as the top pro gamer in the world playing that game. While competing in 27 professional Quake III tournaments, Fatal1ty finished in the Top Three 25 times, taking home 20 first place titles.

?QuakeCon is all about having fun and I always had fun playing Quake III,? said Fatal1ty. ?The chances of beating me may never be better, since I haven?t competed in a Quake III pro tournament in 3 years!? Fatal1ty welcomes all attendees to sign up and try to score some frags for exclusive prizes.

In this version of the popular Fatal1ty Shootouts, Fatal1ty takes on challengers who have been selected through a raffle during 7-minute competitions. Daily prizes are awarded to the top 5 challengers that score the most frags against him. Fatal1ty Shootouts have become must see, must play events at tradeshows and gaming festivals worldwide.

All attendees at QuakeCon 2005 who sign up will also be able to participate in ?Fatal1ty Time Trials.? Daily prizes will be awarded to those participants who reach a specific number of frags in the fastest times against multiple competitors.

Fatal1ty brand licensed partners; ABIT, Creative, and Zalman will be demonstrating their newest range of Fata1ty products. Each will also be conducting ?Tech Talks? and Q&A sessions on the Fatal1ty Shootout stage each day of QuakeCon 2005.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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