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Three Rings Heading to the Wild West

Company: Three Rings
Product: Bang! Howdy

Three Rings, developers of Puzzle Pirates, has released details about Bang! Howdy, a multiplayer online tactical strategy game for the PC. Players face off in the steam-powered Wild West, using traditional strategy game mechanics in a variety of gameplay modes like Claim Jumping, Cattle Herding, and Steam Mustang Hockey!

Introducing a hybrid between turn-based and real-time strategy gameplay, Bang! Howdy is played in short fast-paced rounds. The players use winnings earned as they play, along with a micro-currency system, to purchase and customize persistent Big Shot units, which influence their play-style and strategies in future games. As the player progresses through five unique Wild West settings, new units, gameplay scenarios, arenas, customizations, and game features are introduced.

?We?re happier than a coyote in the chuckwagon to let y?all know what we?ve been working on back at the ranch,? said Michael Bayne, project lead for Bang! and Three Rings? CTO. ?We think strategy fans will appreciate our fresh perspective on the genre and plumb everybody will enjoy our fun and accessible Wild West antics.?

Bang! Howdy will be distributed online and free to play, with optional purchase of micro-currency to obtain upgrades and additional content. ?The ?free to play, pay for items? business model has proven very successful in the Korean market with games like Kart Rider, and is already offered as an alternative to subscription for Puzzle Pirates players on ?Doubloon? servers,? adds Daniel James, Three Rings? CEO.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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