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Sims Complete Collection Released

Company: EA Games
Product: The Sims Collection

Electronic Arts today announced that The Sims Complete Collection has shipped to store shelves-- available just in time for the Holidays! The Sims Complete Collection includes best-selling PC game The Sims ?the classic game that started The Sims phenomenon ?plus all seven beloved Expansion Packs, available in one box for the first time in history. On shelves now at your favorite retailer for the bargain price of $39.99, The Sims Complete Collection is the perfect gift for friends and family of all ages.

With The Sims, you can create your Sims, build their houses, and develop their neighborhood. Help your Sims pursue careers, make friends, and find romance - or make a complete mess of things! Open-ended gameplay gives you the freedom to set your own goals and chart your Sims' destiny. The seven top-selling expansion packs add to the Whimsical/Sims-ical experience! The Sims Complete Collection includes:

  • The Sims Livin? Large - Give your Sims the wild life! A wider range of objects and styles allows even the most timid Sim to cut loose and live it up.
  • The Sims House Party - Throw the ultimate theme party, engage in new group activities, and rock the house with different music and dance styles.
  • The Sims Hot Date - From candlelit romance to cuddling on the couch, let your Sims enjoy downtown delights as their relationships heat up.
  • The Sims Vacation - Choose whether your Sims will spend the weekend at a beach resort, rough it in the woods, or chill out in a winter wonderland.
  • The Sims Unleashed - Add a furry friend to your Sims? family. Housebreak your pets, train them to do tricks, buy them toys, and do your best to keep them from destroying the house!
  • The Sims Superstar - Experience the lifestyles of the rich and famous and guide your Sims to superstardom. Become a movie star, rocker, or supermodel and spend your cash on extravagant new items for your home.
  • The Sims Makin? Magic - Cast spells, hypnotize friends, and even turn a neighbor into a frog. But watch out, spells can go haywire if you?re not careful. The neighborhood will never be the same.
  • The Sims Creator Tool?Create and customize your Sims
  • Plus bonus content from previous collections!

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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