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Atari Develops Shadow Ops for AMD Processor

Company: Atari
Product: Shadow Ops: Red Mercury

Atari is working closely with AMD to develop Shadow Ops: Red Mercury, the cinematic interactive blockbuster that first appeared on Xbox in June, for PC using AMD?s advanced AMD Athlon 64 series of simultaneous 32- and 64-bit processors. The 64-bit version of the game will be included with the 32-bit version and will allow for improved textures, better image quality, faster game performance, and an enhanced gameplay experience.

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury offers players a gripping movie-style gaming experience through its unprecedented Hollywood production values, intense action, and ground-breaking sound and visual effects. In the game, the player fills the battle-ready combat boots of Frank Hayden, a special forces operative, hand-picked to track down and destroy the stolen ?Red Mercury,? a secret substance of unspeakable power that threatens the world with nuclear annihilation. The player will face off against blood-thirsty terrorists, renegade military forces, and highly trained enemy special forces in a last ditch desperation mission to prevent the ultimate terror from reaching the world?s greatest cities. Shadow Ops: Red Mercury gamers will be able to test their combat mettle in online matches in hyper-intense multiplayer modes that include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Escort the V.I.P., which will extend the replay value of the game.

The new PC version features improved textures, gameplay, and an expanded multiplayer functionality with more maps than ever before. As with the original Xbox game, Shadow Ops: Red Mercury boasts industry-leading sound engineering to fully immerse players in the combat experience. Soundelux, the Academy Award-winning studio best known for work on films such as ?Kill Bill,? ?Gladiator,? and ?Black Hawk Down,? created ultra-realistic directional sound effects, enhanced by the game?s THX Game Certification. Gamers with powerful surround-sound speaker systems will duck as bullets ricochet, cower as grenades rumble, and forge into battle as desperate orders are barked in disturbingly realistic immersive sound.

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury will be available for PC September 21st, and is currently available worldwide for Xbox with an estimated retail price in North America of $19.95, and an ESRB rating of ?T? for Teen.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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