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RF Online Offers Beta Invites for Pre-Orders

Company: Codemasters
Product: RF Online

Pre-order packs for RF Online, the much-anticipated sci-fi fantasy MMORPG, are now available in stores and from online retailers in the US. Grab one of these exclusive packs and gamers will receive guaranteed access to the RF Online beta test along with a soundtrack CD, 3 faction postcards and a selection of faction-specific stickers.

Customers of the pre-order packs will get a place on the guaranteed list for the RF Online beta, which is set to go live shortly.

“Seeing the RF Online pre-order packs hit retail is an amazing sight and something we’ve been looking forward to,” said David Solari, Director of Codemasters Online Gaming. “We’re excited to see the impact these packs have on the beta test and hope that everyone who purchases them will exercise their exclusive right to enter the beta.”

With stunning in-game visuals and jaw-dropping character and environment detail, RF Online is an incredible next generation MMO game. It features a unique blend of magical fantasy mixed with futuristic science-fiction action and sees players engaging in the most epic battles ever seen in a MMO role-playing game.

RF Online is set to launch in February 2006 and will be published and operated in the US and Europe by Codemasters Online Gaming.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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