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Kohan II Single and Multiplayer Demo Coming

Product: Kohan II: Kings of War

Global Star Software and TimeGate Studios are pleased to announce plans to release a playable demo of Kohan II: Kings of War the week of September 20th. The demo, which will contain both single and multiplayer content, will debut on FilePlanet on Monday, September 20th. It will be made available to other online download sites on Wednesday, September 22nd, the same day the game appears on store shelves nationwide.

The demo will feature a tutorial and one single player campaign mission, as well as a limited version of the powerful random map generator in Kohan II: Kings of War, allowing gamers to try out three of the game?s playable races in head-to-head online multiplayer for up to four players. The retail version of the game will feature a total of six playable races, contain 25 single player missions, and allow for multiplayer battles for up to eight players.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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