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The Neighbors Take a Vacation

Company: JoWooD Productions
Product: Neighbors from Hell: On

Cinemaware Marquee, an affiliated label of eGames, Inc., today announced Neighbors from Hell: On Vacation for the PC. Following on the heels of the hugely popular original, Neighbors From Hell: On Vacation, is an offbeat masterpiece that brings something genuinely unique to the world of PC games with its over-the-top humor and slapstick style. It will be available this March and will retail for $19.99.

"The original game defined the genre of reality TV games and set a new standard for game animation and humor," said Lars Batista, Vice President of Product Development for eGames. "Neighbors From Hell is the perfect virtual comedy, making it a great example of a game that people of all ages will love. It's unlike anything else available. We saw this and knew that we had to give gamers the opportunity to play and experience the great puzzles and its unique humor."

The whole premise is to play pranks on your nasty neighbor, all for audience laughs. Comic-inspired graphics bring to life a knee-slapping adventure that will have players thinking up hair-brain schemes to really irk the good ol' neighbor from hell. All the while, the simple point-and-click style interface makes sure players are free to watch the action ensue. Keep the TV ratings up and your neighbor down, and you'll be the biggest hit on TV!

When the neighbor goes on vacation, it is up to Woody and the crew to make sure he gets what he deserves. The game has 14 new tricky and visually detailed episodes of the very funny "Neighbors From Hell" show, that take place in 6 different locations including a cruise ship, China, India, and Mexico. Bring ratings to the next level by tormenting the neighbor, as well as his mother, and watch as she punishes him in the midst of the chaos. This is over-the-top, sidesplitting fun for hardcore and casual gamers alike.

As a special added bonus, Neighbors From Hell: On Vacation includes all 14 episodes of the original Neighbors From Hell so players can relive all the action, comedy, and hi-jinks that put this series on the map.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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