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Contest to send two girls to meet g.0.d. in Sweden

VIA Technologies, Inc., leading supplier of high definition PC silicon for the gaming market, together with VIA Chrome Ambassadors the girlz 0f destruction, have announced an exciting new contest: "Get the Girls into the Game," with the winning girl spending a weekend at the Home of Chrome in Sweden with a friend, learning how to play PC games like a professional while visiting beautiful Stockholm, Sweden.

Since the professional PC gaming scene is largely male-dominated, the "Get the Girls into the Game" contest asks gamers of either gender to nominate a female friend as a potential winner, explaining why she would benefit from a weekend of practice with pro gamers. The winning nominee and one companion (also female) will win a weekend trip to Sweden, travel and accommodation expenses paid, and receive free gaming tuition from the girlz 0f destruction plus $250 USD pocket money.

"The Home of Chrome benefits a lot of professional gamers and promotes the industry, but we wanted reach out to those who might never have had this kind of experience," said Eliane Hofmann, VIA Marketing Manager. "Everyone who loves gaming knows someone who they’d like to share that experience with, and what better way than during a free weekend holiday in Sweden with real pro gamers."

The girlz 0f destruction is a 7-member, international all-girls PC gaming team hailing from seven different countries, who are widely regarded as the highest level professional female QUAKE™ 4 players, training for an average of five hours a day. With over 10,000 matches already played between them, last year’s total winnings for the girlz 0f destruction amounted to more than $30,000 USD. As part of their ambassadorial role for Chrome, the girlz 0f destruction live in the VIA-sponsored "Home of Chrome" in Stockholm, Sweden. A 24/7 eSports training facility, the Home of Chrome is strategically located for easy access to the competitive European and international eSports communities. Sweden also has among the world's fastest broadband connectivity, affording ultra low ping rates crucial for online gaming. Four of the seven members of the girlz 0f destruction team are currently living in the Home of Chrome, a six-bedroom house with a LAN room for gaming stocked with VIA and S3 Graphics Chrome products.

The "Get the Girls into the Game" contest runs until 10th September at the Home of Chrome website: www.girlzgaminghouse.com

To enter, gamers should submit their nominations at the website, and answer a few short questions and provide a description about why they feel their girl friend(s) deserve the trip to the Home of Chrome. Entries will be judged on the basis of humor, originality and genuine gaming need by a panel composed of VIA staff and girlz 0f destruction team members. The contest closes on Thursday, September 10th, with the prize weekend at the Home of Chrome taking place on Friday to Sunday, the 22nd to 24th of September, 2006.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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