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Wild Tangent is Soon to be on a Wild Tear.

Company: Wild Tangent
Product: Wild Games Console

With people wanting to shift their attention to casual games, and small developers wanting to make a name for themselves without sacrificing their first-borns to the Next-gen gods, there are companies out there that are actually interested in casual development that is mutually beneficial to game players and developers. Wild Tangent is poised to be a household name with their unique perspective on both game development and distribution.

So we have all been guilty of downloading a game from Wild Tangent, Pop-Cap or one like it. And, this is perfectly okay because they have always been mostly free to try for a limited time period. Then, when that time is up, we are forced to decide if it is worth the $14 to $19 full price tag. For many games, the answer is an easy yes. For some, it is just as quick to say no. Then, lastly are the ones that are right in between that are, for me, the heart-breakers. Usually, I am forced to say no just because I couldn't quickly and easily say yes. Now with Wild Tangent's Wild Games console, I have the opportunity to play games longer using my Wild Coins.

Right now, all I have to do is download the Wild Games console, browse through hundreds of cool games and choose what I want to play. Most of these games have the standard free trial, but what do you do when that time is up? I drop in a Wild Coin and just keep on playing. This allows me even more time to keep on playing and decide if this is the game I want. Traditionally up until now, independent developers would use the standard free trial model and roll the dice of either making it big or not selling anything. Now with Wild Tangent's Wild Coin system, they can see returns on their hard work and sweat equity with profit-sharing from Wild Coin play. Now they will not walk away empty-handed. And, I dare say, it is an "everyone wins" situation.

So, not only is Wild Tangent going to provide a new distribution opportunity for developers and a unique game play opportunity for players, the console is going to begin popping up as a standard program included in many computer manufacturers' original equipment. Computers from Dell and others will come pre-loaded with hundreds of these games and soon thousands to choose from online. As a developer, how could you skip that exposure? Look for Game Vortex to be covering many of the most popular new releases from Wild Tangent.

-WUMPUSJAGGER, GameVortex Communications
AKA Bryon Lloyd

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