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Drag and Drop it Like it's Hot - MMO Development

Product: Hero Engine

When I think of the daunting task of trying to program and develop something as HUGE and expansive as the persistent worlds of an MMO, it makes me cringe. Well, all of that has found its way into the past as MMO development is reaching the near ease of a drag and drop system. During the Austin Game Conference last week, I had the opportunity to look at many third party software titles geared toward simplifying MMO development. One of these development packages was the Hero Engine from Simutronics.

In any development environment, speed and quality matter. That is why companies like Biowares's Austin endeavour are jumping on the bandwagon with Hero Engine. In a very short period of time with the drop down menu system, I was shown how new missions, new art and many critical game play elements could be seamlessly integrated in real time. All of the necessary changes done without the usual down time or "server maintenance."

With Hero Engine, you can build a whole new universe, but it isn't going to be on a PB & J budget. Hero Engine is a AAA title game development tool and is priced accordingly. They will work with you to find a package that is right for you and your studio needs. They have proof in the pudding with several games built as demos from their engine. Check out their site for more hands on.

After seeing what is coming of age in development on MMO's we are going to see faster, more seamless game changes without down time keeping us from our games.

-WUMPUSJAGGER, GameVortex Communications
AKA Bryon Lloyd

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