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War Rock: The Safety's Off and It's Time to Take Aim

Company: K2-Network
Product: War Rock

I had a chance to sit down and talk one on one with Matt Norton, the producer for K2's War Rock. I had questions about how a game of this caliber could be free. What was the catch?

Even I had my skepticisms when I first looked at War Rock over a year ago; about how they could have this level of play for "FREE." I knew full well how some MMO's coming out of Korea were free to play, but in order to really advance in a game, it would help to purchase items for cash. I adopted the term "Free to play, Pay to win." I quickly, and wrongly, assumed the same thing was being applied here. When asked directly about this, Matt was quick to answer that this was indeed "NOT" the case, saying further that that wouldn't fly very well here. So how are they going to provide this game for free and not lose their shirts? Well all of the absolute details have not been answered yet, but what they did let me in on made me feel a whole lot better.

There are going to be subscription levels for the game. What you will receive will be maps, and Dinar (the in-game currency). Now before you fly off the handle and say that I have just contradicted myself on paying in order to earn in game currency - hear this; you must still gain rank and earn experience on your own. The Dinar will only be used on the items you have been allowed to unlock due to your rank. You will earn rank and experience only through your gameplay. You will be able to play with every weapon, tank, plane or helicopter you want, even though you are playing for free. Only you as the subscription player can initialize the new maps. Others, even free players, will be able to join you, but only you have the power to set up the map the way you want. Fear not; there are other treats in store for subscription players, but again all of the absolutes are not hammered out.

People have also been very quick to draw similarities between War Rock and other games on the market right now. Talking to Matt, and pointing this out, we quickly found many differences. His entire focus is on what would be fun and not on what would be more realistic. Planes don't fly the way they should, but not everyone wants a true flight sim all of the time.

I am still very excited about this title. When asked when the actual commercial version will be available, his comment was, "Soon, very soon." Until then, you can still join Matt and I online for a game or three. The open beta is still available and you can get a taste for what the game will be like. Until I see you again on the field of battle, War Rock on!

-WUMPUSJAGGER, GameVortex Communications
AKA Bryon Lloyd

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