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EA's New Romantic Comedy Games Bring The Sims To Laptops

Company: EA Games
Product: The Sims Stories

Electronic Arts has announced that The Sims is launching a new line of games – The Sims Stories. These laptop-friendly games will feature engaging characters and easy-to-play storylines that are sure to entertain both the novice and experienced player.

The Sims Stories games are the latest offering from the popular Sims franchise, which has been translated into 22 languages and sold more than 70 million games around the world -- that’s more than enough to give a game to every single person in the UK! It’s popularity is due, in part, to The Sims appeal beyond a traditional gaming audience; more than half of The Sims players are female.

The first of these games, The Sims Life Stories, introduces an all-new Story Mode with two stories that follow the lives of Riley Harlow and Vincent Moore, two very different characters who have reached similar crossroads in their love lives. A comic romantic plot centered around engaging characters guides players through twelve chapters of this one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. Players can take their Sims through unique and entertaining storylines filled with romance, intrigue and dramatic twists. Will female lead character Riley ditch beau number one to marry and have kids with beau number two? Will successful entrepreneur Vince ever find love, or the culprit who’s been foiling his efforts to find it? Players can discover these answers and more, or enjoy classic open-ended Sims gameplay.

"Everyone loves a good story. The Sims Life Stories gives players two wonderful romantic comedies to enjoy," declared Rod Humble, VP Head of Studio for The Sims Division. "For those who are interested in The Sims, The Sims Stories are accessible and fun for everyone." According to Humble, the world of The Sims provides the perfect place for these romantic comedies to unfold. Built around virtual people called Sims, daily activities—from sleeping and eating, choosing outfits and decorating the house, even cooking and getting a job—are controlled by the player. The Sims celebrates the choices that we make in life. What’s more familiar than being confused by life and love?

Designed to be laptop-friendly, The Sims Stories are accessible and fun for everyone. The Sims Stories are standalone entertainment experiences that do not require companion products from The Sims library – just pick up your laptop and play!

The Sims Life Stories is scheduled to be released in Europe on February 2nd, 2007 and in the US on February 6, 2007. The Sims Pet Stories and The Sims Castaway Stories are scheduled to ship in Summer 2007 and Winter 2008, respectively. These standalone products will not require expansion packs or stuff packs from previous The Sims or The Sims 2 collections.

-GameVortex Staff, GameVortex Communications

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