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Track Mania United: So What?

Company: Nadeo
Product: Track Mania United

The folks behind TrackMania United think that the general public may have missed the boat on their latest game. It seems that there are a lot of cool features in TrackMania United that people must have missed. To remedy this situation, they are introducing a series of webisodes to help explain why everyone is excited about the game and why TrackMania United is much more than just a simple car racing game. Each webisode introduces a specific aspect of the game (Coppers, Manialinks, Maniazones, Solo Mode and finally Multiplayer Mode) and will be released once per week, starting this week with the "Coppers" webisode.

Dive into the world of TrackMania United and find out more info about this new currency that's the backbone of online play in TrackMania United. Coppers allow you to challenge the best players by "purchasing" a credit and racing against official times. With Coppers, you can also "buy" the replays of other players, cool new cars, loads of different race tracks and much more...

Find out more about all the things you can buy with Coppers by watching this week's webisode. And don't forget to check their site again next week for their next webisode.

-GameVortex Staff, GameVortex Communications

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