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Are You Ready for Massively Multiplayer Baseball?

Company: Netamin
Product: Ultimate Baseball Online

Leading independent in-game advertising provider Double Fusion has stepped up to bat with massively- multiplayer online sports game (MMOSG) publisher Netamin Communication Corporation, to be the exclusive provider of dynamic in- and around-game ads for Ultimate Baseball Online (UBO). The partnership further expands Double Fusionís extensive reach into the sports gamer community. Now marketers will be able to access the UBO audience through contextual advertising in the virtual stadiums, as well as through placements in game lobbies, tournaments and other sponsorships.

UBO is the first interactive baseball game ever to allow as many as 18 people to play on a single interactive field at once. The title provides gamers with a first-person perspective, as they create and customize their own baseball characters and develop them during their baseball career. These virtual athletes play with people from all around the world, through pick-up games, tournaments and other league series.

"Double Fusion is always looking to expand its network with top-quality sports games and elite online multiplayer gamesóUltimate Baseball Online is both," said Jonathan Epstein, President and CEO of Double Fusion. "The move of sports gaming online helps grow our audience of sports fans and 18-34 year-old males. The UBO community aspects of team- and league-building take user engagement to the next level, which accrues to the benefit of the advertisers in the game."

"UBO players have been eagerly awaiting in-game advertising as a way to increase the realism of their game experience," said Andy Wang, president and CEO of Netamin. "Through our partnership with Double Fusion these stadium ads and videos have the potential to reach a huge international audience because of the worldwide popularity of baseball and our free-to-play game model."

-GameVortex Staff, GameVortex Communications

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