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Perplex City Prize Looms Closer

Product: Perplex City

A lucky treasure hunter is set to win a fortune in cash when they solve the final clue and dig up the treasure in Season One of the Perplex City game. Global excitement has been building throughout 2006 in anticipation of the final clues, which have been revealed at www.thelibraryofbabel.com.

A feverish last dash for the prize is expected as 50,000 players from 92 countries scramble to unravel the final puzzle in the gaming saga – and there is a real possibility of a Great American victory, as the leader board is ripe with US players.

45 per cent of players are from the US, with another 45 per cent from the UK; the remaining 10 per cent of gamers come from the 90 other participating countries. The player demographic is a 50/50 split between male and female participants – making Perplex City a game for everyone, from anywhere.

Players have been deciphering cryptic clues for 18 months in a bid to discover the location of the Receda Cube (an ancient artefact lost from Perplex City), and claim the $200,000 reward.

By solving the puzzle cards, gamers can get nearer to the prize. Players must discover the hidden meanings in optical illusions, heat sensitive inks, origami, cryptography, mazes, and riddles. If solved successfully the cards take players one step closer to the reward. To date players have spent $2million on these cards, the rarest cards’ have sold for over $400 on eBay, and 800,000 have been successfully solved online.

Michael Smith, CEO of Mind Candy comments "Perplex City is a new interactive form of storytelling that has captured the imagination of gamers on Earth. Once the Receda Cube has been safely returned to Perplex City, many more avenues in the puzzle labyrinth will become exposed. The future will see many more exciting opportunities for cryptic, gaming fun."

The discovery of the Receda Cube will mark the end of Season One of Perplex City. Season Two is just around the corner and will offer episodic storytelling, allowing for a deeper more immersive experience for all users, regardless of when they join the game.

-GameVortex Staff, GameVortex Communications

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