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Crowdsourced Game Development... Game Jobs up for GWABS

Product: GWABS

Calgary-based Cambrian House Inc., the world’s leading crowdsourced software community and Hothead Games, a Vancouver-based independent game developer, today announced that the two companies have joined forces to blow the doors open on the next game development revolution: crowdsourced games.

Their first crowdsourced game will be GWABS, a casual desktop-to-desktop combat game currently being built by community members living in Canada, the US and Europe, all of whom might never have had the chance to work for a traditional game developer.

Crowdsourcing refers to the method of tapping into the wisdom and participation of crowds to collaboratively work on projects they’re passionate about. Cambrian House allows anyone, anywhere, to submit and work on software products for royalty points, which convert into cash when a product is commercialized. The joint-venture between these two forward-looking companies will mean that GWABS, and potentially other games built within the Cambrian House community, can benefit from the years of industry experience and contacts of Hothead Games. Cambrian House and Hothead will leverage crowdsourcing to allow hardcore video game lovers to actively play a role in developing new games, learn development and marketing skills, and get experience and royalties in return for their efforts.

"GWABS is a perfect combination of innovative design, satisfying rapid-fire game play, and solid character design that gamers everywhere will love," says Steve Bocska, Joint CEO of Hothead Games. "And the crowdsourcing approach aligns perfectly with one of our core beliefs; which is to make great games, you need to put the gamers first!"

"Cambrian House lives and breathes to liberate ideas that get stuck in the backs of creative minds around the globe," says Michael Sikorsky, CEO. "This curve- jumping partnership with Hothead means that gamers will now have a phenomenally better chance of seeing their ideas come to life, plus they get to share in the rewards."

-GameVortex Staff, GameVortex Communications

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