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Cupid Trapped in EverQuest II?

Company: Sony Online Entertainment
Product: EverQuest II: Erollisi Day

In EverQuest II's eternal struggle between good and evil, sometimes even a Dark Elf or Ogre has to take time out for some lovin'. (But, not necessarily with each other.) Even though there's no Barry White music in the background or the scent of "Jamaican Love" incense in the air, it's Erollisi Day, and love is definitely in bloom in Qeynos, Freeport and everywhere in between. In fact, it seems to be having an affect on quests and items during this celebration of the Goddess of Love and the Erollisi Heart.

  • Pick Up Quest : EQ2 "playas" and "playettes" will be able to get their "mack on" with a quest tied to feeding pick up lines to certain NPC's in the live game. Now players will be able to use some classic lines that might not work too well when they're in the club. Winners like:
    • "Girl, I'd reassemble the Shattered Lands, for you."
    • "Will you be my Heritage Quest?"
    • "I must look like Lucan, because you've got my eye."
    • "Grr. Bark. Grr. Bark. That means 'I love you' in gnoll."
    • "You must have great heat resists, 'cause you are smokin."

  • Love Loot : During Erollisi Day, your enemies will finally confess to you their true feelings, right after you kill them. These corpses will kick you out a candy heart or love note with a little message that confesses their true feelings for you. So try not to be too shocked when that Cyclops you nuke leaves you a note that says, "You're the apple of my eye".

  • Hearts A'Flutter : This contest requires players to find and collect Erollisi "essences" in Antonica and the Commonlands. All players that participate will receive brand new items for their houses. The player that collects the most essences wins a brand new unique item for their player home.

  • New items for Players: Want to tell that "special someone" in your raid party how you really feel? Visit a local merchant and pick up a nice box of candy, a beautiful flower arrangement or a heart-shaped pillow (if you really want to let them know what's on your mindů).

  • New Profession Hats : The Warden, Fury, Necromancer and Warlock will be rockin' new headgear with this update.

-GameVortex Staff, GameVortex Communications

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