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Get More for Your Gamerscore

Company: Microsoft
Product: Xbox 360 Achievments

Something new and exciting is happening to the way you experience games. On February 12, Xbox is teaming up with Old Spice to bring you Xbox Rewards and the Old Spice Experience Challenge.

Xbox Rewards offers casual and hardcore gamers alike the chance to earn actual rewards for doing what they enjoy—playing games, earning achievements, and having fun. Xbox Rewards is a free program, but in order to register you will need to have a valid Windows Live ID with your Xbox Live gamercard linked.

The program is launching in the U.S. only, and you must be 13 years or older to participate.

For some Xbox Rewards Challenges, you will need to have access an Xbox 360 console with a memory unit or a hard drive, an Xbox Live Gold or Silver-level subscription, and specific Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade games.

After registering, you will automatically be placed into one of three Rewards Levels based on your current gamerscore. Your level will determine the rewards you are eligible for during each Challenge. The more you play, the higher you can advance, and the bigger the pay-out.

Level 1 (0 – 4,999 annual Gamerscore): You are developing your skills and gaining experience. Take some time to get used to the program and learn your way around. The Challenges will typically be easier and the rewards smaller.

Level 2 (5,000 – 9,999 annual Gamerscore): We are going to turn up the heat a bit. You have proved that you know how to play and are willing to put in the gaming time to reap the benefits. The Challenges will get a bit more difficult. Never fear, the reward value goes up as well.

Level 3 (over 10,000 annual Gamerscore): This is an arena filled with the who's who of gaming. We don't want to claim that Level 3 is an exclusive club, but if you find yourself winning Challenges here, you've obviously pulled out the big guns, so enjoy while it lasts.

Xbox Rewards is not a hall of fame, and there are no honorary life members. In order to maintain your Rewards Level, you have to continue to play on top. Rewards Levels are based on how many Gamerscore points you gain each calendar year.

Xbox Rewards Challenge 1: Old Spice Experience Challenge
Old Spice is teaming with Xbox on the first Xbox Rewards Challenge to prove that Experience is Everything. Starting February 12, you will be challenged to increase your Gamerscore by 1,500 or more before April 12. Successfully complete the Challenge and get a Rewards Package, and Old Spice will give you the gift of experience—all Level 1 and 2 participants will receive a level upgrade for 2007.

Ready to get your Rewards Package? The first step is to register for Xbox Rewards and join the Old Spice Experience Challenge. Then, it's up to you to complete the task within the time limit. You can't register until February 12. Some of the rewards within the Rewards Package are limited in quantity, and will be distributed to those who complete the challenge the fastest, so be quick about it.

The Rewards Packages listed below are unique to the Old Spice Experience Challenge. Each new Challenge will bring new rewards.

  • Level 1
    The popular Xbox Live Arcade game Contra (rated: E10+) from Konami (Retail Value $5.00)
    Exclusive Old Spice Level 1 Xbox Rewards gamer picture
    An experience upgrade to Xbox Rewards Level 2

  • Level 2
    The popular Xbox Live Arcade game Contra (rated: E10+) from Konami
    Exclusive Old Spice Level 2 Xbox Rewards gamer picture 100 Microsoft Points
    An experience upgrade to Xbox Rewards Level 3

  • Level 3
    The popular Xbox Live Arcade game Contra (rated: E10+) from Konami
    Exclusive Old Spice Level 3 Xbox Rewards gamer picture
    200 Microsoft Points
    Old Spice T-Shirt (Estimated Retail Value $10.00)
    A copy of Fuzion Frenzy 2 game (rated: E10+) (Estimated Retail Value $50.00)

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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