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Kuma/War Launches New Mission

Product: Kuma/War: Korea: The Enemy Within

September 28, 2004 -- Kuma\War, the revolutionary online game that blends real world news coverage with interactive game technology to re-create authentic military missions, has launched its newest operation, Korea: The Enemy Within. The timely release provides perspective on this week?s warning, printed in North Korea?s foremost newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, and its official Korean Central News Agency, that the North could ?turn Japan into a nuclear sea of fire.?

Korea: The Enemy Within models an actual event from 1996 when, like today, America was preparing for its presidential elections. A North Korean spy submarine, in an effort perhaps to gain concessions from a distracted U.S. administration, ran aground on a South Korean beach. 26 North Korean spies escaped into a nearby National Park area, prompting a massive manhunt and bringing the Korean peninsula, once again, to the brink of war.

In the Kuma\War mission, viewers play South Korean paratroopers hunting the rugged Odaesan National Park area for the heavily armed commandos. They will use lightly armored vehicles and authentic weaponry while attempting to stop the dangerous attackers from reaching any civilian areas, or making it to safety across the De-militarized Zone.

Players gain an in-depth experience as part of Korea: The Enemy Within. The stunning re-creation features immersive 3D technology, high-quality video news reporting, and dozen of pages of in-depth, real world intel. It details the long-standing conflict between communist North Korea and the democratic South, and provides context for understanding today?s crisis with an illustration of what North Korea?s current leader, Kim Jong Il, has done in the past.

The Kuma\War service is available for free trial online (link at bottom of page). For just $9.99 monthly, subscribers get access to all 21 missions which re-create current events from the war on terror. Kuma\War: The War on Terror, a compilation of 15 missions from the online service, will be available in stores in October 2004 for $19.99. As a salute to the men and women in uniform who have served their countries, Kuma Reality Games will donate $1 of all paid online subscriptions to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which was created to assist the families of the nation?s fallen heroes killed in duty.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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