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The Mysterious Castle of Lord British

Product: Secret Spaces

If you know a thing or two about games then you're probably familiar with Richard Garriot... although you may know him better as Lord British. Lord British was behind the Ultima series, among other things, and took an interest in castles, having one moved from overseas to the US as his home. His house was featured once on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and for those of you who missed it (or those who want a closer look), are you in for a treat!

HGTV will be airing a special presentation of its show "Secret Spaces" on Sunday, March 4, which will feature Richard Garriott and his home. It also will have a couple of representatives from Creative Home Engineering, one of my new favorite home improvement companies. Their website,, shows off some of their insanely cool products. Think about secret rooms that open when a book is moved on a shelf or - better yet - is unlocked by completing a Resident Evil-like puzzle. At any rate, this should prove to be one of the most interesting home shows you've ever seen... if you're into that sort of thing.

Please check your local listings for the exact time.

-GameVortex Staff, GameVortex Communications

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