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Fighting Force


4/5   'Pretty Good!'

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3D Fighting Adventure

Graphics and Sound:

Since this is an exact translation of its PlayStation counterpart, the graphics are, of course, exactly the same. And since Fighting Force comes from the Core Team (of Lara Croft fame), the graphics are very well done. It's a fighting game though, so there's not much time to sit and gaze at your surroundings. Do keep in mind that this game is several years old and graphics have come a long way since then. I choose to accept it for what it is and just enjoy the great gameplay. Sound effects and background music are typical of fighting games of this type and work well.


Ok, I loved this game on PSX and I love it for the N64 too. Basically, it's a street punk free-for-all, where you progress through buildings, city blocks, etc. putting the smack down on the henchmen of Dr. Zeng (who's out to destroy the world, of course). You have the ability to interact (uh, pick up and throw) objects that you happen upon and use them for your own evil purposes. Goodies are also hidden in ashtrays, boxes, etc. so trash everything. :) This game is fast and furious whether played alone or with friends, but probably best on 2 Player. With 2, you can help each other out, but not get too much in the way of one another. Your range of motion is limited in that both players must remain on the screen (obviously). Too much confusion with more than 2.


The Difficulty is adjustable. You'll get through the game much quicker with 2 players, however. All in all, the game seems a little short. Putting the Difficulty up to Hard may seem to lengthen it a bit, but there still are very few levels. But if you are looking for a game that you can just pick up and start cracking heads, Fighting Force 64 is a good choice.

Game Mechanics:
Pretty basic stuff here. The requisite punches and kicks are there and they are ok, but I'd much rather pick up a crowbar or a 2x4. There's no ammo limit there (unlike with guns and such) and they are more fun to swing. Whenever I'd pick up the gun, it would run out of ammo so fast, I'd end up pistol whipping my opponents and finally throwing the gun at them in disgust (which does a surprising amount of damage). I also like the little Name/Health bars for your opponents. It's great to see your friends' names up there (you know, like Eagle or Agent 1 or maybe even John) and beat the living hell out of them. Hehe. Good clean fun. ;)

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications