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Worms Armageddon


5/5   'Bring It ON!!!'

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Turn-Based Strategy

Graphics and Sound:

It's delightful to see a fully 2D game in this age of almost every game being a 3D title - not that it's a bad thing being 3D, it's just rare that you see a game like this anymore. The backgrounds in Worms Armageddon are bright and colorful and span a number of different themes. Ice Lands, Lush Jungle Environments, Space Worlds, and Water Levels are just some of the more then 44+ different types of levels that you battle on. The animations are all done beautifully, from the worms themselves to the more then 40 weapons - they all are great to look at. There is a surprising amount of sampling and dialogue throughout the game, which definitely helps give this game a lot of character, as each Worm taunts and shouts out funny sayings at their enemies. What's really cool is that you can have your worms speak German, French, Japanese, English and a few others as well. The background music fits the game very well; and it can be best described as an upbeat techno beat.


If you've never played any of the Worms games before, then let me more or less explain the basics. The game is based on a turn-based system. Each turn is time limited and players have a set time to move before the game switches to the next team. During this period, you can select which worm to use and either let its arsenal loose on the enemy or move to a safer territory. The basic goal of the game is to have the team that outlasts everyone else. The single player mission is great fun, with training missions and regular missions to keep you busy for quite awhile. But get a couple of buddies together and you're in for a great multi-player ride, one that rivals the likes of Mario Party. Each player has the ability to create their own worm team that can be customized from the team's name, worm's name, language, special weapon, tombstone, and team flag.


Worms Armageddon isn't too incredibly difficult. The one player-training mission and regular missions offer a great challenge and are the right difficulty level - not too tough, not too easy. For those that are having problems with the game though, you can play through the training missions to help become an overall better player. You learn how to use the weapons, and get the general idea of how to play. The one player missions also offer you the option of changing the difficulty level of the computer's AI. Inexperienced players can choose the Easy option, and experienced players will want to start off at Normal or Hard. Of course, there is no helping you when your buddy is beating you on a multi-player game. ;)

Game Mechanics:
The Worms are very responsive and easy to control. The control stick is used to control your worm along with the cross hair used to attack, Z is the trigger, the C buttons are used to scroll around the screen, and the R button is used to select your weapon of choice. No real gripes on the control. Everything is real easy to control and for the most part, anyone can pick up the game and begin playing. This is good for a game like this, because the more people you can get to play, the more fun it is. Overall, Worms Armageddon is a great addition to your N64 library, either as a single player game or as a more 'adult' alternative to party games like Mario Party.

- Raider, GameVortex Communications (AKA Chris Duran)