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  Anything StarWars
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  Anything with a Sci Fi theme

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Reviews, Previews and News from this reviewer:
Microsoft Xbox 360    Jessica Simpson: Xbox Live "Artist of the Month" (News)
Multiplatform    2K7 All-Star Challenge Finals (News)
Multiplatform    New Screenshots for New Beginning (News)
Anime    Anime Today Episode 41 to feature Justin Sevkis (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Make New Friends in EA's Army Of Two Weapon Design Contest (News)
Windows    Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike (News)
Windows    ChangYou Takes Battlefield Online (News)
Multiplatform    Blacksite: Area 51 to Invade this Summer (News)
Sony PlayStation 3    Blast Factor Multiplayer Pack In PlayStation Store (News)
Multiplatform    Blu-Ray Passes Up HD-DVD in Cumulative Sales (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    EA Launches a (Boom Boom) Rocket at Xbox Live Arcade (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Bullet Witch Preorders Now at GameStop (News)
Sony PlayStation Portable    New Tracks for Download for Burnout Dominator PSP (News)
Multiplatform    Activision Signes Emmy-Nominee Joel Goldsmith To Score Call Of Duty 3 (News)
Multiplatform    Call of Duty: Black Ops II to Stream Directly to YouTube (News)
Multiplatform    Best Buy's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Launch Event (News)
Multiplatform    Capcom Gamers of the World, UNITE! (News)
Sony PlayStation Portable    Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Comes To PSP (News)
Sony PlayStation Portable    Antacids Not Included... (News)
Windows    City Life: World Edition Official Web Site (News)
Windows    City of Heroes/Villians Double XP Weekend... (News)
Nintendo Wii    Classic SEGA games? Wii. (News)
Nintendo Wii    UbiSoft Announces Cosmic Family for the Wii (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    360 Certification Still Trying to Put the Crackdown (on Live Marketplace) (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Pacific City Herald: "Criminals on High Alert as Crackdown Goes Gold (News)
Sony PlayStation Portable    Sega Announces Crush for PSP (News)
Multiplatform    Mid Life Crysis? (News)
Nintendo Wii    "Shall Wii Dance?" (News)
Sony PlayStation 3    New EA Game Sends Shivers Up Gamers' Spines (News)
Windows    Is their Doom in Your Future? Are You in Theirs? (News)
Multiplatform    New Dragon Ball Z Titles for 2007 (News)
Sony PlayStation Portable    Driver 76 Careens Toward your PSP (News)
DVD Movies    Viz Media Announces New DVD Releases Q1 2007 (News)
Windows    Europa Universalis III demo announced (News)
Windows    EU3 Collectors' Edition Takes Aim (News)
Windows    Cupid Trapped in EverQuest II? (News)
Sony PlayStation 3    PS3 to be Gripped by F.E.A.R. in November (News)
Multiplatform    Fatal Inertia And Bladestorm to Release this Summer (News)
Multiplatform    Find Wii and PS3 Units Nearby... (News)
Windows    Gamer's Gate Gets Frictional with Penumbra: Overture (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    360 Game With Fame: Brady Quinn (News)
Multiplatform    GameVortex Store... In Time for Valentine's Day (News)
Nintendo Wii    Geometry Wars: Galaxies Announced for Wii and DS (News)
Windows    Introducing... Green Monster Games (News)
Windows    PAX to Host First Guild Wars Live Event (News)
Multiplatform    Muse-ic for GH3:Legends of Rock Announced (News)
Windows    Crowdsourced Game Development... Game Jobs up for GWABS (News)
DVD Movies    Here Comes Mr. Jordan to DVD (News)
Sony PlayStation Portable    Hot Brain Presents the Logic and Math Categries (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Behold: Midway's Hour of Victory (News)
Blu-ray Movie    Casion Royale: Coming to a Home Theater Near You (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Cowell & Jackson on new Karaoke Revolution (News)
Sony PlayStation Portable    Step Right Up! Play a Demo, Win a Prize! (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    50 Billion Zombies and One Million Snow Pirates Can't Be Wrong (News)
Windows    Release Date for Mage Knight: Apocolypse Announced (News)
Sony PlayStation 3    Mobile Suit Game Title Announced (News)
Sony PlayStation 3    MotorStorm Developers To Chat. TODAY... You In? (News)
Macintosh    Myst Online Coming To a Mac Near You (News)
Windows    A New World For "Myst Online: Uru Live" (News)
Nintendo DS    Get In Touch With Nancy Drew (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    NBA Street Demo Coming to Your Homecourt (News)
Multiplatform    NCAA March Madness 07 Ships to Stores (News)
Nintendo DS    New York Times Crosswords: Now on the DS (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    NHL 2K7 Demo on Xbox Live Marketplace (News)
Multiplatform    Penny Arcade and Hothead Games choose MMPR for New Game (News)
Windows    Perplex City Prize Looms Closer (News)
Multiplatform    Tried to Tell Ya... Now You're Too Late... (News)
Nintendo DS    Don't Let Your DS Go to the Dogs! (News)
Nintendo DS    Namco Bandai Puts your Mind on the Spot... (Think Quick!) (News)
Windows    Rag Doll Kung Fu Earns its Gold Belt (News)
Generic    7-Eleven Gives You Wings... of Many Colors (News)
Multiplatform    Party at Godzilla's Place! (News)
Windows    RIP Trilogy on Steam (News)
Multiplatform    Rock Band to Exclusively Feature Fenders (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Rockstar Games' Table Tennis Demo hits Live Marketplace (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Koei’s Romance is Golden (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Root Beer Tapper Served on Xbox Live Arcade (News)
Windows    Saga - Genre-Bender or RTS Evolution? (News)
Windows    GameTap Announces New Sam & Max Game (News)
Multiplatform    Say Hello To My Little Game... (News)
Multiplatform    The Mysterious Castle of Lord British (News)
Sony PlayStation 3    SplitFish Clarifies SensorFX Statement (News)
Sony PlayStation 3    SplitFish Brings Force Feedback to the PS3 SIXAXIS (News)
Multiplatform    A Game Development Tour-torial. Seriously. (News)
Multiplatform    Shigeru Miyamoto to Keynote at GDC (News)
Multiplatform    "Soft Serve" Art Tour? Sounds Delicious... (News)
Nintendo DS    Disney to Put Spectrobes on DS (News)
Multiplatform    Spy Hunter Sweepstakes Announced (News)
Windows    Star Wars: The Old Republic [Levels 1-10] (Preview)
Multiplatform    1 Million Ways to Stop Uwe Boll from Butchering Video Games (News)
Windows    Granado "Sword of the New World" Espada Head to US (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Tenchu Z: FromSoftware to Your 360 (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Atari Announces the "Test Drive Unlimited - Build An Official Trailer (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Massive Online Open Racing on the 360 - for Under $40.00 USD !? (News)
DVD Movies    Tokyo Drift on DVD September 26th (News)
Windows    EA's New Romantic Comedy Games Bring The Sims To Laptops (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Tokyo Xtreme Racer Sequel, Catch My Drift? (News)
Windows    Track Mania United: So What? (News)
Generic    TransFormers Invade Universal Studios Orlando (News)
Windows    Two Worlds presents Magic Moments (News)
Multiplatform    Two Worlds Just Got Bigger... (News)
Windows    Are You Ready for Massively Multiplayer Baseball? (News)
Windows    New: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Database (News)
Sony PlayStation 3    Sometimes a Virtua Fighter Must Wear Stretchy Pants (News)
Windows    K2 Network Unveils Character Classes Behind War Rock (News)
Windows    War Rock announces Cease Fire and Loaner Guns (News)
Nintendo Wii    Wii Lineup for First Quarter 2007 (News)
Multiplatform    EA Sponsors 2007 Women In Games International Conference (News)
Multiplatform    Ernest Adams Added as Keynote to Women in Games International Conference (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    360 to Allow Community Created Games (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Xbox 360 Elite Announced (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Shake your Duty... All Night Long... (News)
Generic    ...Because Who Doesn't Like Puppy Dog Tails?! (News)
Nintendo GameBoy Advance    Konami Announces Winners of Yu-Gi-Oh! U.S. Tourney (News)
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