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Red Dawg
AKA Alex Redmann  (Retired)

Assistant Senior Editor
Software Editor

About Me:

My Favorite Games:
  NCAA Football series, Madden series, NBA 2K series, Goldeneye 007, Mario Kart for N64, and Mike Tyson's Punchout for NES
My Favorite Genres:
  Sports, Action, Adventure

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Reviews, Previews and News from this reviewer:
Multiplatform    Eidos Announces Development Deal with Avalanche (News)
Multiplatform    MLG Season Kicks Off (News)
Multiplatform    Music Awards Given Out to Video Games (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    (James Bond) 007: NightFire
Multiplatform    Thug Life Represented in 187 Ride or Die (News)
Multiplatform    World Cyber Games Yields Gold U.S.A. and Other Countries (News)
Multiplatform    Classic Gaming Expo Reveals Dates and Location (News)
Multiplatform    AIAS Announces Speakers/Topics for 2005 D.I.C.E. Summit (News)
Sega Dreamcast    4 Wheel Thunder
Multiplatform    Finalists for 8th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards Announced (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Bundle Set Offered for Ace Combat 5 (News)
Windows    Threat Level Reaches Gold for Act of War (News)
Multiplatform    Advent Rising Soundtrack Features Grammy Talent (News)
Windows    Aerial Strike Swoops Into Stores (News)
Multiplatform    New Controller to "Light Up" the Holidays (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Agassi Tennis Generation
Multiplatform    Indie Publisher Offers 4 Games for the Holidays (News)
Windows    Create Your Own Flash Game Contest (News)
Windows    Alienware Systems Priced Below Competition (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    All-Star Baseball 2002
Microsoft Xbox    All-Star Baseball 2003
Multiplatform    Gamers Can Become an Army of One (News)
Multiplatform    Enlight Offers Taste of Anticipated Title (News)
Windows    Scrapland Going Gold for PC (News)
Multiplatform    Area 51 Demo Featured on MK: Deception (News)
Multiplatform    Midway Acquires Inevitable Entertainment (News)
Windows    New AREA-51 Screenshots Available (News)
DVD Movies    Arlington Road (DVD)
Windows    ?Golden? Armies of Exigo (News)
Sony PSOne    Army Men World War
Sony PlayStation 2    ATV Offroad Fury 3
Multiplatform    Planning Underway for 2005 Austin Game Conference (News)
Multiplatform    Eidos Bears Gifts with Backyard Wrestling Purchase (News)
Windows    Three Rings Heading to the Wild West (News)
Windows    Battles in Normandy Demo Available (News)
Windows    Battleship Chess Takes Strategists to the Next Level (News)
Multiplatform    The Berenstain Bears Heading to Video Games (News)
Multiplatform    Become the Best Gamer on Campus (News)
Nintendo 64    Big Mountain 2000
Multiplatform    Cheerleader Session Provides Results for Blitz: The League (News)
Windows    Limited Sign-ups for Blitzkrieg II Closed Beta Test (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
Sony PlayStation 2    Call of Duty 2: Big Red One
Multiplatform    Midway Publishing Cartoon Network Shows (News)
Windows    Castle Attack 2 Download Available (News)
Multiplatform    Enter the Casual Game Development Contest (News)
Windows    Chess Goes Mainstream (News)
Windows    Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion
Windows    Massive Update Released to Lineage II (News)
Windows    City of Heroes: The Comic Book (News)
Windows    Spike TV Awards Games that are the Shnizzle! (News)
Windows    The Battle for Supremacy Continues (News)
Multiplatform    Cold Fear Chills With New Trailer (News)
Windows    Colin McRae 2005 Racing to PC (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Commandos 2: Men of Courage
Multiplatform    2K Games Teams Up With SCi (News)
Windows    Cossacks II Website Offers New Content (News)
Nintendo 64    Cruis'n Exotica
Windows    D-Day Launches in North America (News)
Multiplatform    DDR Goes Platinum (News)
Windows    Mythic Extends International Reach of Camelot (News)
Multiplatform    Grammy Artists Add Bite to Darkwatch Soundtrack (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Tala Revealed in Playboy Magazine (News)
Multiplatform    Day of Non-Violent Games (News)
Windows    Battles in Normandy On Sale (News)
DVD Movies    Die Hard Trilogy: The Ultimate Collection (DVD)
Windows    Paradox Launches Diplomacy Website (News)
Nintendo GameBoy Advance    Majesco Secures Disney Rights for GBA (News)
Sega Dreamcast    Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!
DVD Movies    Dogtown and Z-Boys (DVD)
Windows    Domination Dominates the Strategy Market (News)
Multiplatform    Atari Locks Up Dragon Ball License (News)
Windows    First Combat RPG Coming in April (News)
Windows    The Fourth Azunite Prophecy Released (News)
Multiplatform    E3 2005 Sells Out (News)
Windows    Earth 2160 Website and In-Game Trailer (News)
Nintendo GameCube    ESPN MLS Extratime 2002
Sony PlayStation 2    ESPN NBA 2Night 2002
Windows    EverQuest In-Game Thanksgiving Event (News)
Windows    Details Revealed About EverQuest II (News)
Windows    EverQuest II Ready for Shipping (News)
Windows    Who?s Hot, What?s Not in EQ2? (News)
Windows    EQ2 Writing Contest Extended (News)
Multiplatform    Plenty of Excitement to ?Expose Yourself? (News)
Windows    Fable?s Lost Chapters Found on PC (News)
Multiplatform    Chinese Gamer Knocks Off Fatal1ty (News)
Multiplatform    Video Game Heading to the Silver Screen (News)
Nintendo GameBoy Advance    Fear Factor Coming to Game Boy Advance (News)
Sony PSOne    FIFA Soccer 2002
Microsoft Xbox    FIFA Soccer 2003
Sony PlayStation 2    FIFA Soccer 2005
Microsoft Xbox    FIFA Street
Sony PlayStation 2    Fight Club
Multiplatform    Bernard Hopkins Named as Cover Man for EA Boxing Title (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Fight Night: Round 2
Nintendo GameCube    Break Out the SNES: Little Mac Makes a Comeback (News)
Multiplatform    Fight Night Beefs Up (News)
Windows    FirePower Update Now Available (News)
Windows    Cold War Isn?t Over in Flashpoint Germany (News)
Multiplatform    2K Games Distributing Ford Racing 3 (News)
Novel    Fullmetal Manga in May (News)
Multiplatform    TLC Industries Says Game On! (News)
Microsoft Xbox    ?Game with Fame? Celebrates Birthday With a Star-Studded Lineup (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    GameGlass Converts New PS2 (News)
Windows    Mad Catz Teams Up With Boonty (News)
Windows    World at War Scheduled for 2005 Release (News)
Windows    Matrix Games to Publish Gates of Troy (News)
Windows    Wargame Fans Besiege Gates of Troy (News)
Multiplatform    George A. Romero Presents Horror Video Games (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    New School Rap Featured in Get On Da Mic (News)
DVD Movies    Latest Ghost in the Shell Coming (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Ghost in the Shell Goes Gold (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    God of War Creator Meets With Fans (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Gran Turismo 4 to Launch in December (News)
Sega Dreamcast    Grand Theft Auto 2
Microsoft Xbox    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Sony PlayStation 2    GTA: San Andreas Soundtrack Details Revealed (News)
Windows    Guild Wars Preview a Success (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Guilty Gear Isuka Goes Gold (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Win a Backstage Pass to Play Halo 2 (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Record Retail for Halo 2 (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Incubus Challenging Halo 2 Gamers (News)
Microsoft Xbox    First Ever Latin ?Game with Fame? (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Scion Hosting Halo 2 Tournament (News)
Sony PSOne    HBO Boxing
Sony PSOne    HBO Boxing (Preview)
Windows    Iron Turns to Gold (News)
Windows    Hearts of Iron II Upgraded (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    High Heat Major League Baseball 2002
Multiplatform    Sammy Studios Becomes High Moon (News)
Windows    New Download on the Horizon (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Hulk
Windows    Two Add-Ons for IL-2 Sturmovik Go Gold (News)
Multiplatform    7th Annual Independent Games Festival Names Finalists (News)
Multiplatform    Europe?s Fahrenheit is America?s Prophecy (News)
Nintendo 64    Indy Racing 2000
Multiplatform    Enter Your Artwork for Into the Pixel at 2005 E3 (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Screenshots Released for Iron Phoenix (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Jade Empire Leaps Into Action This April (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire
DVD Movies    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (DVD)
Windows    Khan Coming to the Philippines (News)
Multiplatform    King Kong Coming for Holidays (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Knockout Kings 2001
Sony PSOne    Knockout Kings 2001
Microsoft Xbox    Knockout Kings 2002
Windows    Kohan II Single and Multiplayer Demo Coming (News)
Windows    Kuma/War Launches New Mission (News)
Multiplatform    Treasure Incentive for Rush Fans (News)
Windows    Law & Order Demo Released (News)
Windows    Tri Synergy to Distribute Legacy: Dark Shadows (News)
Multiplatform    New Wireless Extension Coming (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter
Nintendo DS    Mad Catz Announces Accessory Lineup for the Nintendo DS (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Madden NFL 06
Nintendo 64    Madden NFL 2001
Sony PlayStation 2    Madden NFL 2001
Sony PlayStation 2    Madden NFL 2002
Microsoft Xbox    Madden NFL 2003
Microsoft Xbox    Madden NFL 2004
Microsoft Xbox    Madden NFL 2005
Microsoft Xbox    Xbox Announces Inaugural Live Madden Championship (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Winners of Madden and NCAA Challenges (News)
Multiplatform    Major League Gaming Unveils Schedule for 2005 Season (News)
Multiplatform    Cast Revealed for Contents Under Pressure (News)
Windows    Flexible Football Game to Expand Matrix?s Strategy Lineup (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Microsoft Announces MechAssault 2 Limited Edition (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Golden Mecha for Microsoft (News)
Microsoft Xbox    BattleMechs Invade Retail (News)
Microsoft Xbox    MechAssault 2 Fan Kit Available for Download (News)
Multiplatform    Hollywood Maverick Makes EA?s Day (News)
Multiplatform    Scholarships Offered for Media Design School (News)
Multiplatform    Official Mercenaries Website Goes Live (News)
Sony PlayStation Portable    Mercury to Debut on PSP System (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    MGS Designer to Make In-Store Appearances (News)
Sony PlayStation Portable    Rockstar Reveals PSP Lineup (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Midnight Club II
Multiplatform    More Arcade Treasures On the Way (News)
Multiplatform    Midway Appoints Creative Director for Austin Studio (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing
Microsoft Xbox    Minority Report: Everybody Runs
Microsoft Xbox    Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma
Sony PSOne    MLB 2001
Sony PSOne    MLB 2002
Multiplatform    Major League Gaming Announces 2005 Season Opener (News)
Multiplatform    Mortal Kombat Expanding to New Genres (News)
Nintendo DS    Namco Annouces Two Launch Titles for Nintendo DS (News)
Multiplatform    Microsoft Gives "Low" Down on Contest (News)
Multiplatform    Namco Handheld Lineup Announced (News)
Multiplatform    Holiday Sale for Strategy Games (News)
Microsoft Xbox    MVP Baseball 2003
Microsoft Xbox    MVP Baseball 2004
Sony PlayStation 2    MVP Baseball 2005
Multiplatform    Crave Hits the Motocross Circuit (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Ubisoft Has a Revelation for Xbox (News)
Windows    Ubisoft Mysty-Eyed Over Finale (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Nano Breaker Ranking Contest (News)
Windows    Ideas From the Deep Surfaces with Fam Friendly Games (News)
Multiplatform    ShoPro Nabs Japanese Phenomenon (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Race Against Kyle Busch (News)
Sega Dreamcast    NBA 2K1
Sega Dreamcast    NBA 2K2
Microsoft Xbox    NBA 2K2
Microsoft Xbox    NBA 2K6
Microsoft Xbox 360    NBA 2K6 (Preview)
Microsoft Xbox 360    NBA Live 06 (Preview)
Sony PSOne    NBA Live 2001
Sony PlayStation 2    NBA Live 2002
Sony PlayStation 2    NBA Live 2003
Sony PSOne    NBA ShootOut 2003
Sony PSOne    NBA ShootOut 2004
Nintendo GameCube    NBA Street
Sony PlayStation 2    NBA Street V3
Multiplatform    Beastie Boys Rock NBA Street Soundtrack (News)
Multiplatform    NBA Street Hits the Market (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    NBA Street Vol. 2
Sony PSOne    NCAA Football 2001
Microsoft Xbox    NCAA Football 2003
Microsoft Xbox    NCAA Football 2004
Sony PlayStation 2    NCAA March Madness 2002
Sony PlayStation 2    NCAA March Madness 2003
Sony PlayStation 2    NCAA March Madness 2004
Sony PlayStation 2    NCAA March Madness 2005
Multiplatform    Okafor Graduates to NCAA March Madness 2005 Cover (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Hoop it Up With Nick Collison (News)
Multiplatform    Josie Maran Starring in Latest Need for Speed (News)
Nintendo DS    Fast Fingers ?Needed? for Latest DS Game (News)
Windows    TotalGaming Launches Nexagon: Deathmatch (News)
Multiplatform    SCEI and NVIDIA Join Hands for Next-Gen Entertainment System (News)
Sega Dreamcast    NFL 2K1
Sega Dreamcast    NFL Blitz 2001
Multiplatform    Mad Catz Kicks Off New Licensed NFL Controllers! (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    NFL GameDay 2001
Sony PSOne    NFL GameDay 2001
Nintendo GameCube    NFL Quarterback Club 2002
Sony PlayStation 2    NFL Street 2
Sony PlayStation 2    NHL 2001
Sony PSOne    NHL 2001
Sony PlayStation 2    NHL 2002
Sony PlayStation 2    NHL 2005
Sony PlayStation 2    NHL FaceOff 2001
Sony PlayStation 2    NHL FaceOff 2003
Nintendo DS    ?Touching is Good? Campaign Goes Too Far (News)
Nintendo GameCube    Nintendo Struts Its Stuff at Fashion Week (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Video Game Legend Joins Microsoft (News)
Multiplatform    Atari Sparks Some Interest (News)
Multiplatform    Half-Life 2 Brings Home Game of the Year (News)
Multiplatform    Mythic Named Virginia?s Sixth Fastest Growing Technology Company (News)
Multiplatform    DreamCatcher Reveals Two New Projects (News)
Windows    Tip Against Killer Bugs (News)
Nintendo DS    Pac-Man Makes His Way to DS (News)
Windows    New Multiplayer Option for Pacific Fighters (News)
Windows    New Painkiller Expansion Demo to Release (News)
Windows    Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell Now In Stores (News)
Windows    Paradox Games ?On Demand? (News)
Multiplatform    ?Good Grief? for Namco (News)
Sony PSOne    Peter Jacobsen's Golden Tee Golf
Nintendo 64    PGA European Tour
Microsoft Xbox    Majesco Reveals Phantom Dust Details (News)
Multiplatform    PistolMouse FPS Gaming Mouse Now Available From EB Games (News)
Windows    MonsterGecko Joins Forces With (News)
Multiplatform    Playboy Goes Gold... But Only for the Articles (News)
Nintendo GameBoy Advance    Power of Spinach Reaches the GBA (News)
Sony PSOne    Power Play Sports Trivia
Sony PSOne    Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball
Multiplatform    Prince of Persia Just Got A Lot Sexier (News)
Multiplatform    The Prince Dies... or Does He? (News)
Multiplatform    POP: Warrior Within TV Preview (News)
Multiplatform    First-Ever Virtual Real Estate "Land Grab" (News)
Windows    Virtual Real Estate Sold for Record Price (News)
Multiplatform    New Breed of Super Soldier in Project: Snowblind (News)
Multiplatform    Independent Ratings System Targets Video Game Industry (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Majesco to Develop Psychonauts for PS2 (News)
Windows    Fatal1ty at QuakeCon (News)
Windows    VoodooPC Wins Best Computing Product (News)
Sega Dreamcast    Railroad Tycoon II
Multiplatform    Next Rainbow Six Title Coming in 2005 (News)
Microsoft Xbox    RalliSport Challenge 2 Offers Free Downloads (News)
Multiplatform    Rave Master Available for Nintendo Systems (News)
Windows    Rebirth of Honor Development Underway (News)
Nintendo GameCube    Capcom Releases Resident Evil 4 for GameCube (News)
Windows    Whiptail to Produce Restricted Area (News)
Microsoft Xbox 360    Ridge Racer 6 Details (News)
Windows    Official Rig ?n? Roll Website Launched (News)
Windows    Stainless Steel to Publish Rise & Fall (News)
Windows    Rise of Nations Gold Edition Now Available (News)
Windows    ?Player vs. Player? MMORPG Introduced (News)
Windows    Pre-Sell Plans for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Demo (News)
Windows    RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Tops Sales Charts (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Rugby 2004
Microsoft Xbox    Rugby 2005
Multiplatform    EA Sports Brings Rugby to the Pitch (News)
Multiplatform    Aussie Rugby Coming to the States (News)
Windows    Saitek Partners With AMD (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Salt Lake 2002
Multiplatform    Game Industry Recruiter to Speak at Games Summit (News)
Multiplatform    Serious Sam Makes Serious Return (News)
Windows    New Installment for Seven Kingdoms Series (News)
Windows    Atari Develops Shadow Ops for AMD Processor (News)
Nintendo GameBoy Advance    Majesco Lands Shrek and Shark Tale (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Sid Meier's Pirates! Live the Life
Microsoft Xbox    Win an SNK vs. Capcom Arcade Machine (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Soulcalibur Returning to PS2 (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Multiplatform    Ubi and ?Luki? Partner for Final Star Wars Installment (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter
Multiplatform    Still Life Demo Available (News)
Windows    Paradox Offering Strategy Six-Pack (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Latest Suikoden Hits Retail Shelves (News)
Windows    SuperPower 2 Now Available (News)
Windows    Golden Supremacy (News)
Sony PSOne    Surf Riders
Sega Dreamcast    Sydney 2000
Multiplatform    Majesco Lands Teen Titans (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Tekken Returns in 2005 (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    New Characters Revealed for Tekken 5 (News)
Sega Dreamcast    Test Drive V-Rally
Multiplatform    Oddworld Anniversary Book Goes to Press (News)
Multiplatform    The Details of Narnia (News)
Windows    New Details Released on Latest Elder Scrolls (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Return to London Underworld in The Getaway Sequel (News)
Windows    Zuxxez Lands Kings of the Dark Age (News)
Multiplatform    The Lord of the ?Golden? Rings (News)
Windows    The Matrix Online Trailer in Theaters Now (News)
Windows    The Matrix Online Sneak Preview (News)
Windows    The Matrix Online Goes Gold (News)
Windows    The Adventure Company to Publish The Moment of Silence (News)
Windows    Moment of Silence Goes Gold (News)
Windows    The Waiting is Over for The Moment of Silence (News)
DVD Movies    The Negotiator (DVD)
Nintendo GameCube    The Simpsons Road Rage
Sony PSOne    The Simpsons Wrestling
Windows    The Sims Hit the Silver Screen (News)
Windows    The Sims are Heading Off to College (News)
Windows    The Sims 2 Expansion Pack Nearing Graduation (News)
Windows    Be the Big Sim on Campus (News)
Windows    The Sims Turns Five (News)
Multiplatform    Hudson Announces New Era in Hip-Hop Ringtones (News)
Multiplatform    The Suffering: Ties That Bind Cast (News)
Multiplatform    The Urbz Hit the Comic Strip (News)
Sony PSOne    The World is Not Enough
Microsoft Xbox 360    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
Sony PlayStation 2    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001
Sony PSOne    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001
Sony PlayStation 2    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003
Multiplatform    ?Perfect? Website for Latest TimeSplitters Game (News)
Windows    Details of Upcoming Tin Soldiers Revealed (News)
Windows    Win Your Own Army Contest (News)
Windows    Hail Caesar, Master of the World! (News)
Microsoft Xbox    Codemaster Racing Titles Bundled Together (News)
Sega Dreamcast    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Rogue Spear
Microsoft Xbox    Downloadable Content for Ghost Recon 2 (News)
Microsoft Xbox    New Content for Black Arrow Available (News)
Multiplatform    Rainbow Six Developer Talks About Lockdown (News)
Multiplatform    Vote on Splinter Cell Equipment (News)
Multiplatform    New Multiplayer Modes for Upcoming Splinter Cell (News)
Sega Dreamcast    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Microsoft Xbox    Prehistoric Punk Lands on Xbox (News)
Windows    TrackMania Racing to Late Spring Debut (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    Triple Play 2002
Sony PlayStation 2    Triple Play Baseball
Multiplatform    Ubisoft In Con-Trollz (News)
Multiplatform    Classes Forming at Ubisoft U. (News)
Nintendo DS    Ubisoft Reveals DS Line-up (News)
Windows    Pre-Order Incentive Offered for Ultima Expansion (News)
Sony PSOne    Ultimate Fighting Championship
Multiplatform    CES and Fatal1ty Team Up for ?The Ultimate Gaming Shootout? (News)
Windows    Matrix Games Updates Uncommon Valor (News)
Windows    DreamCatcher Publishing Latest Universal Combat (News)
Multiplatform    Sammy Studios Funding Education (News)
Multiplatform    Midway Using Unreal Engine 3 (News)
Multiplatform    Singh Signs on With Ubisoft (News)
Sega Dreamcast    Virtua Tennis
Windows    Medieval Fantasy Board Game Coming to PC (News)
Multiplatform    Sci-Fi-London Launches Film Competition (News)
Windows    Wild Earth Beta-Test Now Open (News)
Nintendo DS    Portable Poker Coming to DS (News)
Multiplatform    Field Set for World?s Largest PC and Video Gaming Festival (News)
Multiplatform    World Cyber Games Unveils Official Games for 2005 Competition (News)
Multiplatform    2K Sports Goes ?All In? With WPT (News)
Sega Dreamcast    World Series Baseball 2K2
Sony PlayStation 2    World Tour Soccer 2003
Sony PlayStation 2    Get in the Game With Latest World Tour Soccer (News)
Windows    Battleground Europe Beta Test (News)
Windows    Frontline Command Storms (News)
Sony PlayStation 2    WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW
Nintendo 64    WWF No Mercy
Sega Dreamcast    WWF Royal Rumble
Sony PSOne    WWF Smackdown!
Sony PSOne    WWF Smackdown! 2
Multiplatform    Xfire Responds to Yahoo! Lawsuit (News)
Multiplatform    Konami Lands Xiaolin Showdown (News)
Windows    Yu-Gi-Oh! Goes Online (News)
Windows    Zoo Vet Available at Legacy Website (News)
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