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Amped 3: Its Not Just a Sport

Company: 2K Games

Amped 3 claims that it will take the snowboarding video game genre away from being just another sport, it will become a way of life. That's why Amped 3 offers incredible customization, a fat helping of boarding culture, and deep, wide sandboxes loaded with killer gameplay. This game uses the Xbox 360's power to build full 3D mountain terrains, giving you almost unlimited options as you race through the powder.

Amped 3's customizable maps give you the ability to build simple ramps and jumps or complex structures designed to help you reach new hang time records. This snowboarding game will also boast real mountain lodges and resorts to go along with the massive mountain scenery.

Amped 3 also features a "Snowbox" mode that will give the gamer a playground to do things other than just snowboarding. These activities include taking pictures and messing around with rival packs. This snowboarding game will also automatically post your high scores and records online and let you download new content.

Expect to see Amped 3 this November. It's ESRB and price have yet to be released.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

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