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Everquest: Prophecy of Ro: Blood, Magic, and Time Travel

Itís amazing that EverQuest continues to plug along with such success after all this time, a true testimony to the game's staying power. Prophecy of Ro will mark the 10th full expansion for the game, yet the game still continues to enthrall hundreds of thousands of players every month.

Prophecy of Ro will continue the storyline started in the last expansion, Depths of Darkhollow, while expanding it into new directions. At the end of Darkhollow, players inadvertently caused a very malevolent force to be unleashed into the Norrathian pantheon. It seems that this force is causing all sorts of havoc in the Planes. In addition to the newly birthed plane of this evil power, players will also be able to visit various areas in the Plane of Magic. The ancient city of the first elves, Takish Hiz, has also been uncovered, and players will be able to visit the ruined city of the first elves, the Elddar. There are also whispers that the Goddess of Magic has plans to allow players to travel back through time and visit this city during the height of its power.

The new zones look amazing. The zones Relic and Arcstone look exactly how you would expect the Plane of Magic to appear, lots of sparkly effects and pristine spires. The Theater of Blood has to be one of the creepiest zones Iíve ever seen in EverQuest. Players will even learn a little more about the mysterious goddess, Sullon Zek, as the Plane of Rage is now also an area players can explore.

No new expansion is complete without some new features. One of the coolest is destructible terrain. Nothing else is quite as satisfying as ripping down walls and breaking down doors. Some other new features Prophecy of Ro introduces are traps, buff filters, new bank space, and new missions. No new Alternate Advancement skills this time around. EverQuest fans and players should be pretty happy with this one, and thatís what really matters.

-Alucard, GameVortex Communications
AKA Stephen Triche

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