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WarPath: War Comes to Xbox

Company: Groove Games

As Microsoft turns it’s focus towards the Xbox 360, so do many of the industries' top developers. True, there are still a number of games coming out for the Xbox over the next few months, yet most are multi-platform ports – something WarPath isn’t.

WarPath began its life as a sequel to Pariah, a title that gained recognition for its fun multiplayer, but slow single-player experience. Because of this, Digital Extremes began to focus their energies on a game built for multiplayer gaming. This change allowed Warpath to take shape as its own entity.

The world of WarPath finds three species, the Kovos, Coalition and Ohm, battling for control of a world somewhere in the future. Each faction has a distinctly different reason for wanting control of the planet. The Coalition hopes to preserve the planet while the Ohm wish to plunder the planet of its natural resources, leaving the Kovos as the middle-ground faction. Admittedly, story isn’t one of the game’s primary focuses and only serves as a backdrop to the in-game action.

Once in game, WarPath becomes an open field free-for-all where players battle for control of the map using a variety of weapons and vehicles. Weapons include standard types like shotguns, machine guns and sniper rifles, but will feature a unique leveling system. As players compete in online games, they’ll be rewarded with modifications that can be added to their weapons in one of three level upgrades. Some upgrades allow for higher ammo capacity while others will add upgraded targeting systems.

WarPath offers four play modes and includes standards like Capture the Flag and Deathmatch as well as a new mode, Frontline Assault. Here players join ranks with other players and vie for control of nodes on the map. Games can be played over a number of different maps, each of which require different play styles.

With few original titles hitting the Xbox, WarPath looks like it could provide that “last hurrah” that Xbox owners are looking for before finally making the switch to a next-gen system.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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