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Caesar IV: Et Tu, Brute?

I have been given a very early opportunity to look at the upcoming Caesar IV from Sierra/VU Games. This is my first time to touch the Caesar series and, thus far, I am impressed. There is a lot of detail in everything that you are capable of doing for your people as you build your city, your empire and your nation. After all, you are Caesar... or at least you will be.

You start this game like any other RTS, with an extensive tutorial level. I highly suggest you listen to what it is they are trying to get across to you. Everything is connected. You have to take care of everyone or no one will survive. Even something as simple as farming isn't so simple. You have to set up farming for so many different resources that you may find it a little overwhelming at first. Even as monumental as it initially seemed, there is a very simple, logical order to all that is happening. Do not let the vast choices throw you.

Start out as a simple village and grow your way out of obscurity as you advance around the region to areas like England, Germany, Spain and many others that were under Roman control. Create trade routes and rise up the political ranks to greatness. Pay mind to your advisers, as they will loyally guide you toward your goal.

Rome wasn't built in a day; be patient and plan your cities well. You need to pay close attention to make sure all of your resources are in hand and are in good locations for you to reach.

The graphics are good looking and tools are very easy to use. There is a reason that Caesar IV was mentioned as one of the top games shown at the final E3 this year. With all of the available options, menus, and historical prowess, this game is sure to be on any RTS fan's lips and in their hearts. Stay tuned for a full review when the game comes out.

-WUMPUSJAGGER, GameVortex Communications
AKA Bryon Lloyd

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