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WALL-E: The Last Robot on Earth

Company: THQ

WALL-E will take you to the distant future where Earth has become overrun with garbage and life has had to leave the planet, and leave little robots to clean up the mess. The plan is that eventually, the work will be done and Humans can return to their home. Well, apparently the job is a lot bigger than anyone expected, especially since hundreds of years of maintenance woes has left just one little Waste Allocation Load Lifter -Earth-Class unit left, our hero WALL-E. He spends his days collecting and recycling trash, that is, until the day he meets a robot sent to check up on the progress of the clean-up (and search for plant life), EVE, and falls in love.

That's the premise for the movie anyway. As far as the game is concerned, you have a fairly basic platformer that uses WALL-E's unique form for some interesting puzzles. From what I was able to play, WALL-E will have to do everything from throw cubes of trash at various switches to cause pathways to fall into place, power up machinery and (eventually) work with his cold, sterile love interest in order to progress through the levels and complete the game and movie's eco-friendly message.

WALL-E himself has a few interesting features that makes him appear a little different from most platformer characters. For instance, he has a "box form" where he tucks in all of his extremities when scared. This occurs quite frankly, like when you end up on a switch that causes a massive hammer to swing down and knock you across the area, or when you end up on a steep hill and need to slide down. You can also enter this mode at will and roll about the level. Also, since he is essentially a mobile trash-compactor, WALL-E frequently goes up to piles of trash, scoops them up and pops out a cube that he holds on his head. He can hold up to three, and different cubes have different properties.

Cubes made of normal trash are light and can be thrown far. These seem to be used mainly for triggering switches that are really far away. Heavy cubes are tossed into buckets and can re-shape the way the area looks once there is enough weight in the receptacle. Meanwhile, charge-cubes (made up of batteries) power machines when you approach them, but be careful because they can also explode.

It looks like you will be playing as WALL-E most of the time, but there are a few levels where you will control the EVE robot as she fulfills her directives. This flying robot has a laser, and can blast out a shell of energy. Her missions seem to be more of the timed scavenger hunt variety. But when the two get together, they can perform moves like the Stork Jump where WALL-E is carried by EVE across large gaps. EVE can also be held by WALL-E and used as a laser when the time is right.

When it comes to license games, most are frowned upon, but it looks like WALL-E will have enough unique characteristics to make it worth keeping an eye on, at least for platformer fans. Look for its release on June 24th, a couple of days before the movie's release on the 27th.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

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