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Exodus from the Earth: Old School Escape

Company: Strategy First

As a genre, the FPS has seen several major changes over the past few years. The days of the one-man army with buckets of bullets and the ability to hold an arsenal big enough for most Third World warlords are seemingly over and replaced with squad-based tactics, recharging shields and some sort of gravity manipulating weaponry. Not that I don't like all the new features, but sometimes you just want to pick up a gun and charge headlong into battle - damn the odds! This is exactly the sort of experience Exodus from the Earth delivers.

In the year 2016, mankind still believes that it has a couple billion years before the Earth eventually dies. That is, until new evidence emerges indicating that the Sun is quickly becoming a "Red Giant" and the Earth only has twenty years left on the clock. The greatest minds come together and come up with two solutions -find a new, Earth-like planet or come up with a way for humans to survive in a hostile environment. A solution is found, though the only person who knows the answer has gone missing, leaving it up to you to discover the truth.

The short, four-level demo I spent time with didn't give much in the way of the game's story (most of that synopsis came from the Press Materials), though it did a great job at showcasing the game's fast-paced, old school FPS gameplay. Most of the gameplay takes place in tight, labyrinthine corridors. Overall, gameplay is very fast-paced and a little on the tough side. Enemies will jump out from just about anywhere and though some will stand in the middle of a hallway, some will make an effort to find some cover. There's even a slight twist involving civilians. During one level, I came across orange-clad workers who immediately surrendered. Being the good-natured, sensitive member of the big green team I am, I didn't waste the bullets. However, it's not wise to turn your back on these guys since some will shoot you in the back. Hopefully this mechanic will play a bigger role in the final version since it creates a neat sense of "trust".

Most of the weapons that make up your arsenal are fairly standard, including a pistol, machine gun and the ever popular rocket launcher, though most feature an added function. For instance, the shotgun comes with three barrels that can be shot simultaneously - giving you enough firepower to stop even the biggest of enemies. Exodus side-steps the more common FPS gaff and makes sure that every weapon, even the hand axe and pistol, are useful even when you're packing a machine gun or sniper rifle.

Some levels also feature a vehicle that is a cross between a tank and a dune buggy. Driving feels a bit like driving a warthog in Halo, only with a slightly tighter feel. Based on the demo, it also seems like you'll see a whole lot of driving throughout the game.

Exodus from the Earth may not be one of the bigger names in the FPS market, but based on my time with the game, it has a good sense of where it wants to go and looks promising.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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