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Remnant Knights: Discover Your Own Journey!

Company: GameSamba

Years ago, my sister forbid me to play World of Warcraft as she knew how addicted I would become. Since then, I've avoided MMORPGs, until now. Remnant Knights is an MMORPG, but unlike WoW or any of the rest of the games like it, Remnant Knights is "anime-inspired."

There are quite a few different options for characters, so you'll be able to create a relatively unique character. You'll choose your school, Dragon or Owl. Each school will have their own unique quests to do and characters that they interact with, so I recommend you make a character (you're allowed up to 4) in each just to see everything. You can choose your characters gender, height, face shape, hair color, all of which let you create a very unique character. I do wish you could have a bit more though so you could create a character for each class and specialty.

There are three classes of characters: Gun Circle, Magic Circle, and Fight Circle. Gun Circle are the long range attackers, Magic Circle are magic users, and Fight Circle are melee fighters. Once you reach level 10, you'll pass on to second grade, where you choose a specialty. Each class has two different specialties, each with different drawbacks and benefits. Overall, I've enjoyed the Gun Circle the most and the Fight Circle the least, which is actually opposite of normal for me. I tend to prefer a melee character, but the melee characters are a bit underpowered and I found that I went broke on healing potions and took longer to complete quests with them.

Once in-game, you should find everything very easy to understand. There are arrows on the ground that point exactly where you need to go to next, whether it is to reach a location, talk to a character, kill a monster, or more. I highly recommend that you follow the arrows as there are still some bugs in the game and the text might not tell you the exact right thing. So far, the arrows haven't steered me wrong.

Remnant Knights is still in closed beta which means they know there are bugs and expect us to find them as beta testers. The game checks for and downloads patches every time you connect, so you're never behind on patch level. The devs are quite good at updating the bugs very quickly, so you will run into server downtime, but that just means that things will work better when it comes back. Playing a closed beta can be frustrating, but I love getting to see the game early and we will know what to do when the next beta phase starts up.

You will find that you have limited storage room for items. I highly recommend opening a bank account as soon as you're in second grade. It is free to open and is very useful to store things that you don't need right away. It can be quite annoying when you have to throw away something you want to keep because you really have to pick up something else that you need for a quest. You can also sell off stuff in the stores in each location if you don't feel like going back to the school bank. If you come across an item that you can't equip due to it being sealed, you can right click on it to break the seal and then equip it.

On the occasions you let yourself die, you can resurrect but lose a certain percentage (2-3%) of your current exp towards the next level (after you've made it to second grade), some of your money, and all of your built up tension, so you really want to avoid dying if you can!

So far, I am totally addicted to Remnant Knights. I've got 3 characters and debating on a fourth. I just need to choose what circle I want this time. I spent an entire weekend playing Remnant Knights just because I couldn't turn it off. If you're playing on a laptop, I highly recommend a cooler pad under it as my laptop heats up so much while playing that it burns my lap. I definitely recommend that everyone go check out Remnant Knights now. It's free to play, doesn't have extraordinarily high requirements for PC specs, and is wonderfully fun. What more can you ask for?

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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