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Dishonored: First Look

If you follow the game industry at all, you already know October/ November is a jam-packed month for new releases. Every week is loaded with big name, must-play games jockeying for a shot at your gaming budget.

You can now add Dishonored to the list of big releases.

Launching on October 9, Dishonored is dubbed a "...Supernatural Assassin Action Game..." by developer Arkane Studios. The game's title is derived from its main character, Corvo, a former bodyguard accused of assassinating the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. While rotting in a cell waiting for the ruling class to decide his fate, Corvo is visited by the Outsider. After leaving his mark on Corvo's hand, the Outsider offers him a chance to strike back at the corruption plaguing the city and get a little revenge along the way.

One of the more enticing elements of Dishonored is the chance to explore a completely new world. The game unfolds in the city of Dunwall, which borrows Victorian-era styles, but combines them with Tesla-inspired sci-fi trappings like crude mechanical walkers and rail-powered cars. Considering the number of "real world" environments we've seen in the last few years, the chance to visit a new environment is just as exciting as it was years ago when we first had a chance to visit Rapture. The addition of open-world exploration only sweetens the deal.

Of course, an open world isn't much fun if you aren't doing much within it, a problem Dishonored looks to avoid entirely. Though much of the game is mission based, players will have a choice as to how they wish to complete their missions. Though not a wholly original game mechanic, Arkane is attempting to push the concept of "freedom" a little further.

Full-frontal or stealth-based assaults are viable options - ones I'm sure most players will probably take during their time in Dunwall - though more creative, patient players will have the option to find alternate ways to take out their targets. You might choose to talk your way through a mission, possibly convincing someone else to do your dirty work, or you may find a way to set up a trap for your target. There are numerous lethal and non-lethal approaches, which should make for some interesting player stories.

Already a skilled swordsman and marksman, the Outsider also gifts the disgraced guard with magic. Magic multiplies the number of ways Corvo can deal with foes. He can possess other living creatures, or call them into action. He can also slow time or teleport for a quick getaway or use other elemental-based attacks to quickly deal with obstacles. Corvo also has access to an array of Batman-like traps.

Even with October's already crowded schedule demanding your attention, Dishonored may be one of the month's real standout titles and is something you'll want to keep an eye on over the next few months.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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