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Last Day of June: Mid September & Counting...

Company: 505 Games

Weíve had some hands-on time with 505 Gamesí Last Day of June and it has so far lived up to the hype. However, before going further into the preview, it needs to be noted that Iíve had severe issues with the game in its current state, which is why a preview is in order to give time for a patch to be applied. Unfortunately, Iíve not been able to successfully load a saved game, and according to some forums, Iím not alone. For this reason, the official review is being postponed to give the developers time to deliver a fix.

Disclaimer out of the way, the actual gameplay in Last Day of June has been a breath of fresh air. Admittedly, my first reactions to the game questioned its integrity, as it felt like something I wouldnít enjoy due to the lack of voiceovers and almost "kiddie" feel to the character animations and interactions with each other. In the opening scene, it is quickly realized that this isnít an ordinary game.

Leaving my first impressions at the door, I continued on. It didnít take long for my state of mind to take a complete 180 and realize this game may be different, but is uniquely brilliant in its presentation. Without spoiling the storyline, the main character goes through tragedy and it makes for an emotional drama that you help control.

Think of Last Day of June as a videogame version of the movie Groundhog Day, where the day keeps repeating until the events can be shifted enough to move on. Rather than waking up to a new same day, our main character accesses memories after viewing magical paintings. Multiple characters will be controlled within the small town presented, and their interactions with each other will play a key in the overall storyline.

Last Day of June has been out since August 31, 2017, and many people have successfully played through the game. However, we are holding off on the review until a fix is presented for the numerous people that are unable to load their save files (myself included). Shortly after the patch is released, we will revisit Last Day of June and uncover the promised emotional game to deliver a full review.

-Woody, GameVortex Communications
AKA Shane Wodele

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