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Prehistorik Man: Ooga Booga!

Company: Titus

Back in the now seemingly prehistoric days of the SNES, Titus released a game starring a caveman. Now that other companies are excavating old 2D games for the GBA, Titus is also digging up its own fossils with the release of Prehistorik Man.

If anything, the story behind Prehistorik Man is unique. The greedy dinosaurs have stolen all of the cavemen?s food, and winter is quickly approaching. Instead of going out, beating up the dinosaurs and eating them over the winter (it?s what I would do anyway), the tribe has to hurry and buy food. The problem is that the tribe doesn?t have enough bones to do this, so the Chief decides to investigate the legend of the Dinosaur Graveyard, which would give them more than enough bones to buy food.

You take control of Sam the caveman as you try to discover the legend, but fear not, because you will have the help of some tribe members along the way. In addition to the Chief tagging along on your adventure, he will also send: the Blacksmith, Inventor, Hunter and his daughter (because she refuses to stay behind).

In the short build I was able to play, Prehistorik Man sported some nice visuals, as well as an easy to use control system. So far, the only dislike I had was that some of the mission goals (such as capturing the rare Spotted Cat) were a tad muddled.

Look for Prehistorik Man for the Game Boy Advance later this holiday season.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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