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Grand Prix 3

Score: 90%
ESRB: Everyone
Publisher: Microprose
Developer: Symergy
Media: CD/1
Players: 1 - 2
Genre: Racing/ Simulation

Graphics & Sound:

I don't have the fastest computer around, but then again, not everyone does. I found that Grand Prix 3 looked quite nice on my 400 Mhz AMD with a 3Dfx Voodoo 3 2000. Several resolutions are supported, but even the lower resolutions look pretty good. The engine sounds are very realistic, but there's not anything in the way of music. Then again, I don't remember ever seeing any radios or CD players in formula cars...


Grand Prix 3 is first and foremost a simulator. This is obvious the first time you see the manual. At about a third of an inch thick, the thing reads like a textbook for Formula One Racing 101. Now, everyone knows that if there is one primary rule in simulations, it's that they're hard to play. If that's so, Grand Prix 3 breaks the primary rule of simulations. Even playing Grand Prix 3 using the keyboard commands is both easy (to play, not necessarily to win...) and fun. Gameplay is obviously improved by using a steering wheel, but with driving aids such as autobrakes, you can concentrate on making you way around the track, instead of making your way back onto it.


Simulations are usually difficult to play. Grand Prix 3, however, finds a way to avoid this. With the various driving aids that are offered (such as auto-braking), the game can be quite approachable, even when playing the game via keyboard. At this level of separation from the action, the game can feel much like a glorified Game Boy racing game, where you only have to control left and right steering and gas, but this makes it easy to jump right into the action. Also, this gives players a convenient way to witness first-hand the methods of maneuvering through corners in an F1 race. (No, you'll not find 'power-slides' here... maybe powerful slides... but not under any semblance of control.) As you get more accustomed to the game, you can turn off the driving aids individually. This allows you to increase the difficulty of operation as you become skilled enough to handle a little more.

Game Mechanics:

It should be noted that while Grand Prix 3 is a simulation, it also may be played as an arcade game. This is due to the availability of several driving aids (which are on by default). In addition, it also has the large number of different views expected from a simulation title. All in all, this game will be very appealing to Formula 1 racing enthusiasts and newcomers alike, as long as they're interested in experience F1 racing. Grand Prix 3 offers an extremely rare chance to make your first approach to Formula 1 racing, without all the depressing failure of not being able to stay on the track. Those racing gamers who prefer to open the throttle and power-slide around a track with reckless abandon, however, should probably keep rolling along.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95/98, Intel Pentium II 266Mhz or AMD K6-2 or higher, 32Mb RAM, 2Mb Video card, 4x CD-ROM Drive

Test System:

AMD K6II 400, 96MB Ram, Voodoo 3 2000, Aureal Vortex II 3D Sound Card

Windows Descent 3 GameBoy Color/Pocket Missile Command

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