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Official Formula 1 Racing

Score: 90%
ESRB: Not Rated
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Lankhor
Media: CD/1
Players: 1 - 2
Genre: Racing/ Simulation

Graphics & Sound:

The graphics in Official Forumla 1 Racing are very nice, with a high level of detail possible. With resolutions of up to 1024 x 768, 15+ camera views, 3D optimization, and rear view mirror options, Formula 1 Racing has a lot to offer graphically. The sound is very good, as well, including realistic car and track sound effects, and recorded voice acting from your pit crew.


If you love racin' games where you get to shoot at the other cars and blow $#!T up, then you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for a realistic simluation of Formula car racing, however, look no further. The physics and dynamics behind this simulation seem very realistic. Simply put, if you try to open your throttle and stay on the track, you will fail. Miserably. Again and again. (Take my word on it.) Official Formula 1 Racing demonstrates how difficult it is to drive a Formula 1 car. Speed is a factor in every racing game, of course, but Eidos' Official Formula 1 Racing shows how great a factor subtlety, timing and finesse can be. As a racing sim, Official Formula 1 Racing is excellent.


Official Formula 1 Racing is difficult to play. But, since actually racing in a Formula 1 race car requires lots of skill and practice, this is fairly accurate for a racing sim. It takes some getting used to, but if you have the precision and the finesse, you may fair well.

Game Mechanics:

It should be noted that while Official Formula 1 Racing is a videogame, it is a simulation and not an arcade game. To this end, the physics engine is very realistic, which is not to say, easy to play. In addition, it also has the large number of different views expected from a simulation title. One optional feature included in the Official Formula 1 Racing simulation is the ability to have informational overlay graphics like those used in television broadcast coverage of a race. This adds to the feel of watching an actual Formula 1 race. And so does the fact that it beautifully supports a force feedback steering wheel controller such as the Act Labs Force RS. All in all, this game will be very appealing to Formula 1 racing enthusiasts and racing simulation purists, but those racing gamers who prefer to open the throttle and fly around a track with reckless abandon, would probably prefer the latest Need for Speed game.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

Minimum System Requirements:

P166, 32MB RAM, 2MB SVGA Video card, DX6 compatible sound card, 4X CD, 100 MB free disk space

Test System:

AMD K6II 400, 64MB Ram, Voodoo 3 2000, Aureal Vortex II 3D Sound Card

Windows Outcast Sega Dreamcast Omikron: The Nomad Soul

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