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Score: 100%
ESRB: Everyone
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Activision
Media: Cart/1
Players: 1 - 2
Genre: Shooter

Graphics & Sound:

To date, Asteroids has the absolute best graphics I have seen on the GameBoy Color. Amazingly enough, they look very much like the PlayStation version. The sound effects are excellent as well. I highly recommend the Nyko Shock 'N' Rock to really take advantage of the deep rumblings as asteroids are blasted. Sweet!


Great old-school shooting fun! You pilot the ship, the asteroids get in your way. You blast 'em to bits. Same old premise, but it still works and works well. You'll be amazed at how long you'll sit, attached to your GBC. The gameplay is great, as addictive as ever. And for those of you who wax nostalgic for the Atari Asteroids of days gone by, its here too. Yep, the original Asteroids is playable as well, as a hidden feature. Good stuff.


As in most games, it starts out relatively easy and increases gradually. It makes Asteroids very approachable, yet still challenging. I'd highly recommend this title for kids or beginners as they could pick it up and start playing right away, without getting discouraged.

Game Mechanics:

Pretty basic stuff here. Your craft is centered in the middle of the screen with asteroids and other flying objects, hurling themselves towards you from all directions. You can move your ship about the screen for a better vantage point using your D-pad, although I prefer to remain in the center and just rotate around to blast the rocks. Some variations of the asteroids require more blasts, some regenerate and some are indestructible. Asteroids is a classic shoot-em-up that has ported nicely, first to the PSX and now to GBC. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. You won't be sorry.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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