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4x4 Evo

Score: 90%
ESRB: Everyone
Publisher: Gathering
Developer: EA Games
Media: CD/1
Players: 1 - 4
Genre: Racing

Graphics & Sound:

Hold on to your britches folks, 4x4 Evolution or 4x4 Evo is about to take you for a ride, and what a great ride it is! Graphically, 4x4 Evo is one of the leaders of the pack. There are 16 tracks to choose from with all different types of terrains from sand, mud, gravel, dirt, pavement, and even snow. Along with these tracks, you will be able to compete at different times of day with different weather conditions. The detail of your environments is extraordinary. You are not restricted to racing just on the tracks either. You are able to go off the tracks and even off road for a while in a very large area. This is especially helpful if you wish to take shortcuts.

Sound wise, one phrase is all that is needed in describing 4x4 Evo, TURN IT UP! Modern guitar riffs with lots of bass rock your world while you race for the prize. One of the music tracks even uses samples from Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech. I haven't actually figured out why yet though, lol.


As I sit here and type this review, I am tempted to save this file so I can get back to racing. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. For one thing, it is more of a racing adventure game than a racing simulation. I never have been fond of simulation games because I like a game to take me out of reality for a while instead of simulating it.

As the title suggests, you will be racing 4x4 trucks and SUV's. Most of the current 2000 models amount to a Lexus or two. I was a little disappointed that the Lincoln Navigator was not represented; I really wanted to take one for a spin. My mother has one and she won't let me touch it.

As I said before, you have 16 tracks to choose from where you can race a Single Race, a Time Attack, or Ccareer mode. Career mode is enjoyable because it allows you to race in a series of races for prize money or race in a special event for a large prize purse. You can then take the prize money and update your career vehicle or even buy a whole new truck. Single Races are for that quick race fan that enjoys the arcade aspect of 4x4 Evo. In this mode, you can choose any of the tracks to race on and in any weather condition and time of day. 4x4 Evo even has a setting for pitch black, which means that the only thing that you see on the track is what your headlights illuminate. If you really want a challenge, race on the Arctic Wasteland track in pitch black rainy conditions with bald tires. I don't even think it is even possible to finish the race in those conditions. You also have a Time Attack feature that will pit you against the clock to see how fast you think you can drive. Each vehicle that you have the option of using handles differently. A good feature on each of the trucks is the ability to change the cut of the tires to suit your terrain. Shallow cut for pavement, medium cut for dirt and sand, deep cut for mud, and studded for snow..

There is a multiplayer option so that you will be able to race people over the Internet or over a LAN connection. What is great about this game is that you are able to compete with people who are using a different platform. 4x4 Evolution is the only game right now that can do this! I have raced against many people who are playing the Dreamcast version of the game.


4x4 Evo was very easy to get the hang of, which is probably one of the reasons that I liked it so much. When I sit down to play a game I have to review or one I want to play just for pleasure, I want to be able to play pretty quick and not have to take lessons. Things start to get difficult with the different terrains and also if you have the settings on night, and if it is raining. However, all players young and old should be able to get used to the game easily.

Game Mechanics:

As stated in the difficulty section, 4x4 Evo is easy to get used to, even with different types of controllers. I tested the game with a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro Joystick because I enjoy the joystick more than a gamepad or game wheel. For me, it is a little easier to maneuver in the game if you are in Cockpit View rather than Chase Mode. In Chase Mode, my truck didn't seem to handle as well.

-Wickserv, GameVortex Communications
AKA Eric Wickwire

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95/ 98, Intel or AMD 233MHz processor, 32MB RAM, 4x CD ROM drive, D3D compatible hardware accelerator with 4MB of texture memory, Windows DirectXcompatible sound card for music and sound effects, PC/Mac online racing requires 28.8k modem or LAN Internet connection

Test System:

GX-450xl running Windows 98, 256 RAM, Creative SoundBlaster 64CPCI with Boston Acoustic Digital Media Theatre, STB Velocity 4400with RIVA TNT chip, DirectX 7, 32 Mb RAM, 6X24 DVD-ROM.

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