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Airport 2000

Score: 80%
ESRB: Everyone
Publisher: Wilco Publishing
Developer: Wilco Publishing
Media: CD/0
Players: 1
Genre: Miscellaneous

Graphics & Sound:

Very nice. I though the graphics were absolutely wonderful. The detail was uncharacteristically great for a Microsoft add-on. I thought the graphics were just short of excellent. Everything was full of detail and textured wonderfully. Even the addition to the instrument panel is great. The thing looks plain awesome. The use of color, the attention to detail, the smooth texturing - it's all great. This add-on improves upon the already great graphics of MS Flight Simulator 2000. I can't speak for 98 users, but I'm sure the results are similar. The graphics have an interesting effect - it gives you an overall lasting impression. The first and last thing you see in the game is the beautiful airports. Those images stick with you and you forget the pointlessness of the game.


So, what is the advantage of Airport 2000 Volume 2? Well, what it adds is seven airports around the world (including London, Barcelona, Nice, and Amsterdam), as well as famous US ports (such as Boston Logan, Miami International, and O'Hare); all true to life and beautifully rendered. It also provides you with nine additional aircraft to fly (Boeings and such). That would kinda suck, huh - pay for a few nice looking airports and a new plane or two. It would, but there is more. There is also a scenario to fly with each airport. So what you get is seven ports, nine planes, and seven missions. As an added bonus, for owners of Airport 2000 Volume 1, there are an extra three missions.

All in all, the gameplay has not changed. You still just fly around and look out of the windows. It's a very nice view, but not a terrible amount of fun.


I'm not going to lie, landing is still hardest thing; although, it is fun to crash into the London airport on occasion. The game itself isn't too difficult; it is involved, but not difficult. It's just certain aspects of the game that get to be challenging. Overall, though, I would say that this one is of moderate difficulty. All you have to do is follow the flight manual and you should be okay.

Game Mechanics:

Nothing new here. The game runs and plays exactly like it did before. You have a few more gauges to look at and a few new things to see, but nothing really changes. It still runs just as fast as smooth as it ever did. There were no real changes to the controls or interface either.

Airport 2000 Volume 2 adds a few eye-pleasing additions and a little variety to what most consider a great, but boring flight sim. If you think a few more planes and missions are worth it (not to mention the great looking airports), I don't think you'll be disappointed.

-Storm, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jeremy Kelso

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95/98, Pentium 200 MHz, 32 MB RAM, CD-ROM, Sound Card, Joystick, Keyboard, MS Flight Simulator 98/2000

Test System:

P2 300, Windows 98 SE, 128MB RAM, Diamond Viper V770 Ultra w/32MB RAM, 2 Voodoo 2's SLI, 5x24 DVD-ROM, Monster Sound MX500/4 point speakers, Phantom 2 Joystick, MS Flight Simulator 2000 Professional

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