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World Series Baseball 2K1

Score: 65%
ESRB: Everyone
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Media: GC/1
Players: Unknown
Genre: Sports

Graphics & Sound:

World Series Baseball 2K1 without a doubt has the best graphics that I have ever seen on a console system. Hey, this game even surpasses a few arcade machines. Each player is life-like, fully articulated, and very much detailed. The stadium and fields looked as close to the real thing as possible. The only weak link in the graphics is the crowd. For some reason, unknown to me, SEGA decided to make the crowd look . 8-bit. However, because of the shear spectacularness of the other parts, that one oversight can be overlooked. And talk about smooth. The game runs like glass. Even when running in slow motion (to capture the full imagery of close plays), the game looks great. Without a doubt, this is the best-looking baseball game ever.


Without a doubt, this is the worst playing baseball game ever. It is an utter tragedy that such a good-looking game should have to suffer such horrendous gameplay. World Series Baseball 2K1 should have been called 'Batting Practice 2K1.' Unless you play with the Braves, then the game should be called 'Home Run Derby 2K1.'

There are many modes of play in World Series Baseball. You can play an Exhibition game with any of the Major League teams, including the All-Star teams, in any of the Major League stadiums, at day or night. If you just want to play the game, there is a Quick Start mode that randomly pits teams together. Of course, there is a Customizable Season mode. Also included is a Playoff mode. And lastly, there is a Create Your Own Player, Team, and League mode. Sorry folks, no Dynasty mode.

It is obvious that this game was created with hitting in mind. How can you tell? Well, pitching is horrible, fielding is nonexistent, and the base running is lacking. For pitch control, you choose the pitch you want to throw, play with the pitch meter, and try to aim your pitch. Well, let me tell you what happens. You either pitch a strike right down the pipe, or it is a ball. It is impossible to pitch a strike unless it is right down the middle. The fielding sucks. Why? You cannot field. It has automatic fielding. Of course, you can turn that off, but the game is impossibly user enemy when it comes to manual fielding. And even with the auto field, the AI sucks! The base runners seem to be pre-little league. On a pop fly to the pitcher, the runner is 3/4th to the next base when the ball is caught. That brings up another point - there is no infield fly rule.

The AI in this game is extremely horrible! The worst. The only thing you can do with this game is hit. And hit you will- just aim up the bat and swing away.


Although there are four or five levels of difficulty, the game remains difficult if you play with anyone short of the Atlanta Braves. I found the pitching to be bad, the fielding to be bad, the base running to be bad, and the hitting to be difficult. With World Series Baseball 2K1, you will not win every game. Hey, you might not even win most of the games. It's just a hard, bad game.

Game Mechanics:

I was less than impressed with the mechanics. Although the game ran without a single hitch, the controls were a bit . blah. Especially when it comes to batting. First you hold in the right trigger. Then you aim with the analog, and then you swing by releasing the trigger. I guess this is to simulate analog buttons. Pitching is not much better. With everything in the game, timing is the key. A split second determines whether you win or lose.

World Series Baseball 2K1 is the best-looking, worst playing baseball game ever. I would rather play Bases Loaded, if it looked this good. Nonetheless, if you want to play a baseball game on the Dreamcast, this is your only option.

-Storm, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jeremy Kelso

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