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Jagged Alliance 2

Score: 90%
ESRB: Mature
Publisher: Talonsoft
Developer: SirTech Canada
Media: CD/0
Players: 1
Genre: Strategy

Graphics & Sound:

Although totally in 2D, the graphics aren't half bad. The game start up looks like something off of the Tandy, but once in the game, the graphics and detail are fine. The on-screen characters are easy to see, structures have detail, and the environment (trees, water, night time fog) is great. There isn't much in the way of animation in the game, but what can you expect from a 2D engine? All in all, I would say that the graphics are good and the sound (voice, music, and effects) is great.


This game has to rank up there with the most addictive games of the year. I sat down to play, and five hours later I quit, just to start playing again ten minutes down the road. The game runs in real-time until combat starts. At that point, it becomes turn-based. Now, I'm not a fan of turn-based games, but it works for this title. Because it is turn-based, there is no multiplayer, but who wants to play a turn-based multi anyway?

The game starts off with you at your laptop. After reading your email (which you receive throughout the game), you are given an assignment. You have a starting bank roll (depending on the level of difficulty you pick) and have to log on to the Internet to hire mercenaries and buy weapons (ain't the future grand?). Each mercenary has his own special skills, price, and personality. Mix the wrong personalities, and you will have problems. Get the highest trained people, and you will be broke. Mercenaries can be hired and fired at will, giving you tons of party options.

The story is completely open ended; the no linearity allows you to go anywhere you want and do whatever you wish. Also, each individual mercenary shoots his gun in a different way, and the different types of weapons have different ranges, damage, and capacities. Localized hitting and dynamic physics make the game all the more life-like. This life-like, go anywhere approach is rarely used, and even less often done right. Jagged Alliance 2 does it right. Gone are the days of hack-and-slash. A strategic formation and a little finesse is the only way to make it through this one. What a welcome change of pace.


This game is difficult. I found it hard to keep my mercenaries alive, and even harder to afford new ones. It defiantly requires a good strategy from the get go. There are options that allow you to change

Game Mechanics:

I fell in love with the interface immediately. The point and click design is solid. Everything you need is an easy to identify icon, just click and go - no complicated keyboard commands or joystick thrust, just click, click, click. Simple mechanics, good graphics, and great gameplay make this a must have game.

-Storm, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jeremy Kelso

Minimum System Requirements:

Win95/98, P133, 32 MB Ram, 373MB HD Space, SVGA card, 4x CD, Sound Card, Mouse, Keyboard

Test System:

P2 450, Win98 SE, 128MB Ram, Diamond Viper V770 Ultra w/32MB Ram, 2 Voodoo 2's SLI, 5x24 DVD, Monster Sound MX300

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