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Beetle Buggin' Racing

Score: 100%
ESRB: Everyone
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Xpiral
Media: CD/1
Players: 1 - 6
Genre: Racing

Graphics & Sound:

Near perfect! The graphical resolutions available (up to 1280x1024) will allow a good variety for different speeds of computers. I went straight for the highest resolution, and there are absolutely no slowdowns present in Infogrames' Beetle Buggin'. (Please note that I have a 16MB 3D card and a 400MHz Pentium II computer.) Textures are very smooth and there is virtually no clipping (except for some wheel-to-wheel combat maybe).

The music in this title is outstanding as well. Infogrames was going for a 60s-70s feel to Beetle Buggin', and the music give this vision justice. If you liked the movie Austin Powers, then you'll feel right at home! The sound effects are done nicely as well. From the scraping of cars to the grooviness of revving engines, Beetle Buggin' has it all.


Picture this...take Need For Speed, Rally Cross, Monster Truck Madness, add some features, and you have a buggy-bouncin', speed-drivin', long-jumpin', car-crushin' all-in-one game called Beetle Buggin'!!! There are so many different modes of play that there are too many to list here. Basically, you drive tons of different vehicles on many different tracks in hopes of victory. Anything else just isn't shagadelic, baby. You can have Free Races, Competitions, and Challenges, where you battle your way to becoming a Beetle Master. Win races to earn credits and buy new vehicles (Shaguar not included).

Multi-player mode offers either split-screen or LAN support. Unfortunately, Beetle Buggin' does NOT allow Internet support. This is a major setback to the multi-player fun. Hopefully, Infogrames will offer a patch or cheat code to 'Net support in the future, as this game would be a great addition to any racing fan's multi-player arsenal.


At first, I felt that Beetle Buggin' was slightly difficult (in a good way), and I wasn't able to clear levels very quickly. After putting in my share of playing time, it was soon discovered that winning races earns too many credits, and defeating most of the tracks (with upgraded cars) was actually fairly easy. Still, even with super-groovy cars, there were a few tracks that were very tough to beat. With persistence and determination, you should be able to work your way through the entire game fairly easily.

Game Mechanics:

Although I did try out Logic 3's GTO Wheel, most of my testing was done with the use of my Gravis Xterminator gamepad (gameport connection). With this controller, racing was very easily learned. Beetle Buggin' has a decent control setup screen, and it's self-explanatory. With that said, controlling the cars was easily learned, and there aren't too many buttons to worry about. The format of this game will make racing fans drool gasoline and shed tears of oil because it is one of the best games I have ever played. With 5 distinctive driving modes (Speed, Jump, Buggy, Monster, and Cross), more than 50 vehicles, and over 20 tracks, it will supplement all of your driving fantasies...and you have Flower Power to thank for it!!!

-Woody, GameVortex Communications
AKA Shane Wodele

Minimum System Requirements:

(Pentium 200MHz with 3D video support, 32MB of RAM) 233MHz Pentium II without, 64MB of RAM; Windows 95/98, DirectX 7.0a compatible video card (8MB 3D Accelerator); DirectX 7.0a compatible sound card (DX 7.0a is included on CD); 4x CD-ROM; and 350MB minimum Hard Drive space

2-player splitscreen or IPX Local Area Network - doesn't support Internet play

Input Devices Supported:
Keyboard, Mouse, Analog/Digital Controller, and most Steering Wheels


Test System:

Pentium II 400MHz CPU; Windows 98 (upgrade version); 128MB 100MHz SDRAM; Quantum's Raven 16MB 3D-Accellerator AGP Video Card; Ensoniq AudioPCI sound card; DirectX 7.0a; using Creative Labs PC-DVD drive as main CD-ROM (reads 2x DVD; 12x CD); 1 gameport; 2 USB ports; Gravis Xterminator gamepad (gameport connection) and Logic 3's PC GTO Wheel (gameport connection); 500kbs Cable Modem

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